Can anyone help me get to 69 im 40 pls help

Im currently lvl 40 and in my 2nd playthrough can anyone farm craw with me i can reward legendarys.

Well you’re clearly not interested in playing the game.
If you were you’d be at least Level 55.

Um I just got the game 2 weeks ago and I can only play on weekends. Please don’t say i’m not interested because it is the only game I am currently playing. Now related to that I would like to thank you for replying.

You misunderstand. It’s not time availability.

If you actually wanted to play the game you’d not give up at 40 and want a boost past content.
Instead you would keep playing over the course of your available time in the future and reach 50-55 before hitting a possible end-game wall. Then in future you’d be like ‘oh damn maybe I need a little boost’. But not at 40, lol. BL1 doesn’t have end-game other than Crawmerax & Moxxi’s 20s so really if you’re not going to continue at 40 what is even the point of Level 69? Besides not everyone can fight Craw and not everyone enjoys Moxxi’s arenas.

Regardless, leveling up from just 40 to 55 can be rushed in under one day. Or 40-50 with a more comfortable pace to enjoy the game and check out the loot, with some Knoxx done another day to get to 55+.

I’d strongly recommend just giving playthrough 2 a go. Ignore side missions to let the game catch up in level by Mad Mel or Rust Commons. You can do side missions later when the maps are scaled at your level. It’s a much better game than in playthrough 1 once it catches up.

Im not giving up at 40 its just i want to farm craw and dont have the patience to go all the way through the Knoxx dlc. And I want to be over leveled in 2nd playthrough so I can kill the destroyer as easily as i kill craw.

I updated my post, didn’t know you were available to reply so soon.

Ignore side missions. The game catches up by Mad Mel and the Rust Commons.
Destroyer 2 scales above you and is a bullet sponge. Really man just give it a go, you won’t stand a chance against Craw anyway.

Sorry another update: Kind’a important if Knoxx’s DLC tests your patience.
Save & Quit each time you need to go back to T-Bone for a new mission. Half the amount of driving because when you load up you’re back in T-Bone! :wink:

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I have gone against craw at 72 before he isnt hard all i need is my pistol and shield it makes me invincible and the pistol does more than 200k dmg my lad gave it to me.

Aww damn you have modded BS.
Get the hell out of here.

Why dont you because I dont like rude ppl ya ■■■■■

Using invincible shield and scorpio pistol. Yeah you’re really interested in playing the game mate. XD

We don’t play that way on these forums. And seeing as you are on PS3, it’s not only breaking the forums rules by admitting you have such items, but it also violates your consoles ToS.

If you wish to use these forums to find people to play with and trade with, do so legitimately.
And by that I mean you could be temp-banned next time you mention such things.

Actually, nevermind. Seems you have a bit of a attitude also. Name-calling is also not welcome here. Please think about that for the next 2 days.