Can anyone help me level up to level 72?

I was wondering if there is anyone kind enough to help me level up to level 72. Once I get to level 72 I’m definitely going to help others as soon as I get to level 72.
I’m a level 42 Assassin.
GT: skystar21

Gamer tag nick j25 , online now if you need help

Cool. What time are you going to be on today?

Hi , will be on in about 2 hrs


Just waiting for food to be delivered then I’ll be on , sorry , hopefully be on in 35 mins ? Hour max !

No problem

Still waiting :frowning: . Soooo hungry !

Add me on xbox and I’ll invite as soon as I’m on

can i jump in too? gt is Higgs386

Yeah course

i added you as a friend

Has your food be delivered yet lol

On my way

sooooooo ummmmmm

Hey , I came on and sent out invites but no one joined ?

I didn’t get an invite, but i did see you added me.

Did both at same time , sorry if you didn’t get it ? Don’t understand why not ?

Doing op lvls now , more than happy to help you still ? Will be tomorrow or later tonight if I can get op8 sorted tonight ?

Again I’m sorry , no idea why my invite didn’t make it to you ?

I’m fine with leveling tonight if that is okay with you.

That’s cool , I’ll message un on the box when I’m done ( been waiting ages to get op 8 ) hopefully will be done in time to do it tonight