Can anyone help me out?

I’m currently looking for a lvl 53 Maggie anointed while SNTNL is active, gain 100% of damage as cryo damage and an ice breaker safeguard artifact.

I can’t find one anywhere. I don’t have a lot of stuff to trade, but I have a few things you’re more than welcome to ask for a list of certain anointed items and see if me or my fiance may have whatever you need.

Thanks for reading!

I can send you one but it might not be for a few days. If you find one earlier just let me know. My gt is Ye olde wolf

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My boyfriend sent you a message on Xbox. Thank you.

Why do you want a safeguard of all things? Usually we’re ice breaker victory rush or icebreaker otto idol, when do you even have a chance to do a slam to trigger it?

It’s for my boyfriend. He said he just needs it for the cryo efficiency. The ice breakers that only give him 1% health, won’t work with his build. And that’s all they make, right?

Nah, ice breaker is just a prefix. They make those on all the relics just about. I’ll send you an ice breaker Victory Rush.

The effect of this is when you kill a badass you get 18% movement speed and damage for 60 seconds.

You get 37% bonus damage vs frozen enemies and 52% more cryo efficiency.

The passives are good too.

+44% Mag Size
+18% Shock Damage
+23% action skill cooldown rate

What’s your GT?

My GT is deadellabisso and thank you. I’ll let you know if that works for him.

Name wouldnt show up for me when i searched for it on xbl

I sent you a message on there

Also if anyone had a Maggie anointed siren, I’ll give you whatever I have for it.