Can anyone help me to 70 on TPS ps4?

im 53 right now on my lawbringer. I will gladly repay the favor with op8 legendaries in BL2 if u would like. my psn is dmntdmstrmnd. add me if u can help me out. thank u very much. I would greatly appreciate the help.

What legendaries do you have?

And me I have loads of op8 legendary on bl2 I’m on ps4 by the way

what legendaries r u wanting? I have quite a bit. I sure I may have what ur looking for.

I’m looking for a Maggie with perfect parts, Dastardly prefix.

i have maggies but might not be perfect parts. idk. ill look and get back to u.

The sight doesn’t really matter. It just needs to have a Jakobs Grip and the Dastardly Prefix.

yes i do ave a dastardly Maggie all jakobs parts including sight. ill give u it if u can pwr lvl me to 70 on pre sequel. psn dmntdmstrmnd