Can anyone help me to op10?

Just hit 80 and got my original op levels back. I’m level 80 OP8. Could use some help getting to op10. Would anyone be willing to help? Any help would be appreciated

I can help you a run or two, but the problem is the difference between our timezone. I could not even meet you to give the Flying Sandhawk yet! What is the class of your Op8 char?

I am off work Tuesday and Wednesday. So I will be on all night Monday and all day Tuesday and Wednesday. I am sure I can get myself there I just need the gear. The sandhawk will help paired with my op8 bee shield I just picked up. Yea the time zone difference is a pain. Lol. I will keep an eye out for when your on at the same time as me and I’ll message you. Thank you for being so patient.

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I can help (fair warning I will be using the skip with Sal which will require us both to die, and I may also fail the skip). Just message me whenever you get on. My PSN id is iX_Grimm.

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Ok. Will you be available tomorrow around 330 pm central time? I work until then.

I should be (we’re in the same time zone, so that makes things a lot easier).

Ok I’ll message you on psn when I get home and situated and we can go from there. Thank you for being helpful. I appreciate it. My own is the same name as here

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No problem, and noted.

I added you. Invite whenever you want. I’m on your time

Hi, I’m at level 80 OP2 with the siren and I’m having trouble getting to OP10. Would somebody be willing to help me? My gamertag is ShadowHunter1105