Can anyone help please 😩

Hi I’ve completed the survey and pre-ordered the game yet I still haven’t received the 10 keys and children of the vult gun

Silly question, but have you checked your mailbox in the pause menu, whilst in the game? It’s under social, then all the way to the right. You have to accept them before the show up.

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Mine haven’t showed up in my mailbox either

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I have bud but still not there :weary:

I got a launcher I think, and a cov launcher defeats the whole promise of being magless as I could only carry 4 or so rockets anyway, and it was garbage so never got used - unless that appeared from somewhere else as a gift. And the Maliwan weapon I got for buying 8 things off VIP was garbage too.

I’m saying this so you don’t feel like you’ve missed anything. I didn’t even use the stuff I got cos by level 10 I had far better stuff. Jakobs was sending me better weapons by that point for getting kills with their guns.

Still doesn’t change the fact you should have gotten them, which sucks, but don’t worry about it too much. It’s likely you’d have got junk anyway.

Having the exact same problem.

Same problem. I Checked while in game and nothing appeared in my social. Now the preregister is almost up and I have nothing to show for preorder…

I as well can not locate the five free golden keys and no in game mail has arrived also.

I had to go to the Microsoft store and download all the extras that were supposed to come with my preorder then they showed up

Random question. Trying to complete the trophy to get mail from each gun manufacturer. Needing 100 kills per type. Is there any way to check in game achievements to see my progress with each weapon manufacturer?

Ich bin schon mit dem Zweiten Durchlauf im Spiel fertig und kann dir sagen dass es völlig irrelevant ist wieviele du Killst wenn du dich spezifisch auf diese Trophäe konzentrierst empfehle ich dir einfach mit jeder Waffemarke eine Quest/Arena des Gemetzels zumachen und du hast die Trophäe ganz einfach :grin:

Go to your map. Press the button to zoom out to galaxy view. Check the (galaxy) challenges there. Hope that helps.

I saw all that however you cannot track to see out of 100 kills with each manufacturer. They’re weird challenges but cannot see for the trophy

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You always receive a mail from a weapon manufacturer after killing 100 enemies with their gun. So just stick with the brand until you get a gun in the mail.

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I have the same problem I pre ordered the super deluxe and completed the survey within the 14 days of its release and have received all the cosmetic items but no keys or COV weapon, I have checked my in game social but there are not there does anyone know whats going on??

I got the COV gun (it is a launcher and it is pretty useless) the best gun you get is the Tediore shotgun from the Borderlands VIP program (just remember don’t do what I did and claim those weapons as soon as you start!) Otherwise you’ll have your backpacks stuck with 4 weapons you can’t use and can’t store until either you get to sanctuary to store them, or get to lvl10 to use! Both of those things happen at the same time.
Mind you I still didn’t get my keys(but there are already plenty of shift codes out.)
And I reached out to gearbox about the VIP tic. Apparently it’s a slow roll out…

Has anyone had their save wiped because with the new update my flak got sent bach to level 37 as i was reaching the cathedral of the twin gods an i lost so much

I had the same problem at first. It turned out that my VIP acct I made was on a different email address than my shift acct. I had to log out of my old shift acct, and back in with my VIP acct. then I restarted the game and everything worked.

Hope that helps.

But honestly, the gun sucked, and only the keys are worth anything.

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Ya i lost my level 50 amara and zane

Anyone know where to get monster wheels for the tactical I have it unlocked at ellie’s garage but cant equip them its driving me nuts