Can anyone help powerlevel me from 61 to 72

Kinda need some people who can help me get my Assassin from 61 to 72 very quickly since all my friends ditched me and the only other character I’ve got is a Level 16 Salvador. Message me on PSN @ Pahffeh if you can help me!

if ya had the moxxi’s endowment relic exp go up faster

Welp since then I’ve gotten my Zero account to level 72 OP3 and am now stuck :I

if someone who is op rank 8 could powerlevel me to 72 i am currently a level 53 zero and i will really appreciate it if someone could help me out i will be on between 12pm and 10pm GMT i will try 2 help u out any way i can if u dont mind helping send me a friend request thx
i would be very grateful. psn -