Can anyone help with OP7 online now

Hey everyone I currently have a level 70 gunzerker who will be level 72 shortly after I finish work this evening.

Tomorrow I intend on raiding digistruct peak all the way up to OP8

I thought it might be fun if people join me. I’d preferably like people in a similar situation to me to join. I don’t want someone doing all of the work for me and I don’t really want low level guys just joining fore the xp (however if I don’t get enough interest and increased numbers don’t overwhelm me with bad asses then you may join haha)

I’ll be starting about 10am GMT. Add or message me on xbl Dave90T

So I’m still doing this and having a pretty awesome time at it (despite some infuriating deaths). I’m currently at OP5

Only problem is that I’ve been pretty much solo so far. I’ve been putting my game on public and either had people join and get a quick death and watch me do the grunts work or people with some questionable weapons who I’ve had to instantly kick.

So would anyone who wants to play properly like to join me. It’s a pretty awesome map and great fun to run through plus you get some cool drops off of the assassins, scorch, mercy etc.

I’ll be okay soloing but it might be nice to have someone to pick me up after a badass marauder drops me because I ran in to the area before my gunzerk recharged then runs off depriving me of my 2nd wind haha

What’s ur gamer tag?

I’ve got a few OP8 characters. You’re at the point now that the gear difference probably isn’t that big of a deal, so I’d be willing to come help you with those last few levels.

Awesome guys. GT is Dave90T

Awesome guys. GT is Dave90T

Invite teddy fat cats on xb1 if u need help. I dont run around killing everything like a show off. I like to have fun with it.

I’m online now. Can anyone help with OP7

This is seriously giving me a beating haha. I’ve only made it past the assassin’s once so far. Please help, if I have to watch scorch go from almost dead back to full health again I might week.

If your still on when I get on in roughly the next hour or so I can help you out

Online now please help haha

Never mind, I managed to solo it. The achievement feels awesome. How does anyone want some op1-7 hellfires and infinities haha