Can anyone identify the name of some music from BL3?

Hey peeps,
So I’m re-playing the main storyline with a new character and ended up leaving my sounds and dialogue turned off and the music on full, and went through Carnivora’s festival grounds thoroughly enjoying the VERY creamy bassline in the combat music.

Problem is, I can’t find it anywhere on YouTube. I’ve scoured BL3 combat music playlists and can’t seem to find this particular track anywhere, and Google was no help either.

Here’s a video clip recorded directly from the game just a moment ago, unfortunately there are some other sounds from the festival speakers which make it so Shazam can’t identify it.

VOLUME WARNING! I forgot to disable my audio enhancer so put the video to a low volume before playing! (Sorry)

If anyone is able to find this, you’re a legend, and deserve your own flavour-text!
Happy hunting

My browser is not psyched about that link, but where in Carnivora are you? In the guts or outside?

It wasn’t ready for them beats! Sorry I couldn’t help myself

Looks like the little outside leadup to the big open vehicle arena.

The cacaphonous music sounds like two or more tracks overlapped to me. Didn’t make out anything I’d call a bass line, much less a “creamy” one.

is this any help?

Sorry, Gyazo Replay was the quickest way for me to push the video to the internet, it has embedded it in the post though so I’m not sure why a browser wouldn’t like it.

Unfortunately, no, sorry. The list of songs on there is the same as the OST playlist on YouTube.

As for the location, it’s Pandors > Carnivora, the “festival grounds” you fight through before getting to the Carnivora vehicle before it takes off, i.e [this map (image)].(

After finally hearing it play in the Splinterlands itself, I found it!

Still don’t have a proper name though, but this will do for now.