Can anyone make use of Rough Rider?

Is there any VH that can make use of this shield mod? With Moze I can get at most in the 9,000s for HP but in TVHM M3, the 23% damage reduction is nothing. Since the nerf to Moze’s Vampyr interaction with shields I am trying to build her another way and this is one rought I was trying to go since the skill trait is not as neutered as when using the class mod.

The only way I can see the 23% damage reduction is if the HP% was maybe doubled? RIght now at least for me with Moze I can’t justify using this shield over everything else. Any opinions/critique is greatly appreciated.

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Moze has far more skills that improve shield that ones that improve health.

Zane is a viable choice, he can get 5%/s HP regen flat, plus some more from kills, barrier, lifesteal and one of his class mods gives damage on broken shield. Plus he can convert elemental to neutral damage on kill, making fire not as dangerous.

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I have been hovernig over usnig Zane for a while. I may give him try.

i have a build with amara with it , +3 samsara with a purple mod makes rough rider really good and i have 10k hp

The shield is not flagged correctly as “depleted”, so it won’t work with certain skills for Zane (and it also precludes Confident Competence, which is a big damage loss), though some players still swear by it. IMHO, Zane doesn’t have the bonuses to his health pool to make RR a smart choice. Personally I think the Band of Sitorak is a better choice for cryo builds. I’ve also seen some Operatives running shields with double adaptive rolls to stack their damage reduction with good effect. Really, it’s up to you and what works best for your build.

Well there goes that. I wanted to run the cryo build :joy:

Don’t let me dissuade you. Try it out.

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Thanks and don’t worry I will. I feel like until they do some changes to Moze I should try the other VHs and cryo Zane builds have made me interested

I use it on Fl4k. I went for his + hp skills and regen mixed with transfering % dmg to pet. Mixed with the artifact that restores 14% health in kills and rakk with mod to heal when doing dmg.
I also use the transfusion grenade.
Works good. I built it just as a cancept idea but have stuck with it because its fun to play.

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I’m making a build on FL4K Using Rough Rider, basically it’s a Gamma Burst Pet build that utilize HP, HP Regen, Taunt Mod and He Bites(30% Reflect with 6 points on He Bites). Still finding items to make it work.

I plan to make a dmg reduction Fl4k terror build that uses a rough rider with (apply self terror every 5; for 18 seconds)

I intend to stack the annointed )+dmg reduction) by utilizing (while terrified reduce incoming damage) via weapon annointments… but I’m having trouble fulfilling the item requirements for the build…



Or at least until the event is over

That would be the dream to get a face puncher with the 25% chance to terrorize when meleeing. That would work well

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