Can anyone please help me help my 82 year old Father in BL2 Xbox?

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HI Everyone! I’m completely new here and just hoping to find some help. I play video games with my Father who is 82 years old because he absolutely loves them(I do too especially the quality time with him as he has A-fib heart issues) and they make him feel young again, I think. Anyways, we’re playing Borderlands 2 and we’ve(I’m playing Maya and he’s Gaige) done well to make it to overpower level 6 with gold chest weapons, Harolds and Kerblasters we’ve bought from the Beatdown machines but now we’re stuck…overpower level 6 destroys us and he gets too tired to “farm” for weapons that long. Are there any tips to get better weapons without hours of farming?(after 2-3 hours he’s wiped out from the excitement and concentration of playing) Or would anyone be willing to pass along some good gear for us {deleted VH101} Thanks for anyone’s time who read this and have a great day

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What platform are you on?

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Hi and thanks for the tips, I edited it accordingly…we’re on Xbox 1, I’ll edit the headline to say that too, thanks again

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Not a problem. I’m not going to be home until the 17th of this month, however if you were to list a few items you would like to help you along, I have no objection to farming for them on your behalf, if that would interest you?

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Wow that would be great and I can’t thank you enough for offering this. I honestly don’t know the Legendary or Seraph(think that’s what they’re called but we could never kill the Invincible Bosses to get crystals) weapons that well so I’ll do some homework and let you know asap, honestly if you’re that confident in being able to farm so easily you probably know what helps most in Digistruct Peak so I’d obviously be open to using/trying any weapons you’d suggest… again… thank you so much, if I’m able to surprise him with some upgraded gear he’s gonna flip out and be thrilled, he gets such a kick outta this game!! Thank you

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Made an additional deletion to the OP to keep things within the FORUM RULES.

I’m not doing OP levels, so I can’t help, but you might find this guide helpful in terms of navigating the remaining runs:

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Ok thank you for the help guide and posting the Forum Rules which I’lll read now… thank you

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Another thing, what timezone are you in? It’s possible I could also just tag along on your runs if you needed help.

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Eastern time zone…we’re from Cleveland area…you’d probably get a kick outta us and laugh at our sad gear, best shields we have are outta the gold chest lol

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We do fairly decent through OP6 until we get to Dukinas Mom…then we don’t last 10 seconds lol, those shock balls she spits obliterate us in a blink

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No one is gonna laugh at you here! We’ve all gone through that phase where you don’t have access to top gear. Personally, I think you seem like a pretty cool pair of dudes. I also think that getting to OP 6 is an achievment in itself. Playing BL 2 with low level gear or standard gear is actually one of the current trends here. With the game being as old as it is, most of us veterans have gone through the phase where everything has to be top gear. So, just act cool, and consider yourselves very trendy! :wink:

Welcome to our forum!

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This :blush:

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Hahaha, Well thanks Guys/Gals, one thing someone maybe able to advise on is the Legendary Loot Midgets in Wildlife Exploitation, we wanna do that run cuz it’s not too terribly long for him to handle and we could use The Creature Slaughter area to speed up “farming” the midgets but I don’t see the mission “Doctors Orders” in my mission menu, do we have to kinda play through the whole game again at OP6 to til we get to that mission? Thanks for you help, I certainly didn’t expect this knida feedback, so again thank you

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No, the quest is given by Tannis, downstairs at Raider HQ in Sanctuary. Just don’t pick up any of the echo recorders and you’ll get 4 guaranteed midgets per run

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Ok I’ll check that out tonight and see if she gives that mission, since we started Peak runs we haven’t really looked into any other areas so I wasn’t sure if we had to do play through til we got to that mission, thanks for the info!!

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Unless… You’ve already done the mission and turned it in. If so, you’ll have to reset UVHM and start over.

“Rocko’s modern strife” and/or the following mission, “Defend the Slab tower”, are also great missions to keep active. Reason? It will keep enemies from spawning throughout the lower section of Thousand Cuts, which makes it very easy to farm for Loot Midgets here. LLM’s will be hostile, ofc. :slight_smile:

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Damn…we turned it in during our UVHM run…rookie mistake we’re paying for cuz that’s how we wanted to try to upgrade our gear. Thank you for the info, game’s so insanely large and there’s so much to it it’s hard to keep track of everything

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You can reset UVHM if you so wish

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Ok, if we do that can we still get to the Peak or will we have to do the entire UVHM playthrough in order to get to the Peak again? I’m not sure if the Peak was part of the Handsome Collection and it just downloaded with everything else or if it opens after we complete UVHM? I’ll ask Pops if he wants to do the whole playthrough again to access the Loot Midgets if that’s the only way

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No, you won’t lose your current OP level and you can access the Peak as soon as you reach the fast travel at Claptraps place if you wanted to