Can anyone please help me help my 82 year old Father in BL2 Xbox?

The best way to survive the shock balls is with a moxxi weapon and a chain lightning grenade. Regardless of shield size, I think two hits from the shock balls is FFYL, so you need to be healing in between them ideally, or moving away so they might miss (they never do but it always feels like they could). In theory if you use the rock kiting method, she shouldn’t ever use the shock balls. Now, she still might of course, but i’ve done it a few times without her ever even attacking me.


Ok, so there’s folks that actually sell shift codes for gear on eBay and I bought a Transformer shield just for this Dukinas Mom area and she goes right thru it even with it’s shock resistance,
we both have as many skill points as possible in our shield upgrade skills and still die from one or two shock balls. Question about the Moxxi gear because we did hold onto a Grogg Nozzle once I heard how useful it was later in the game, does it have to be in my hand actually to heal me or just equipped in one of the 4 slots? I never thought of doing the area of effect grenade trick with this gun so thank you very much for that tip!


Can the kiting method be done with multiple players? I try to critical hit her while Dad walks behind me slagging but I think he may get too far away from her and then the attacks come, any idea if he can hide behind the wall to the right of where she spawns or something?

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The Grog needs to be in your hand for the health steal to work. Also, I think she is resistant to slag, and unlike in Lynchwood she is not weaker to corrosive damage. I’ve never tried a Transformer against her, but I do know that it is helpful against surveyors. The Chain Lightning that @Kuolemanlaakso mentioned is good for instant full heals, so could be just as helpful as AOE for Grog healz, I prefer Storm Fronts for sustained healing. It’s a matter of preference.

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We kinda realized that about the slag because she never turns purple but weren’t sure til now! And thanks for the info about corrosive, because her health line is yellow I just assumed that’s her weakness but now know we should just use the strongest gun possible. The whole Peak is tough as hell and you learn new stuff all the time, like - I thought everything in the Peak was susceptible to corrosive because they’re all “digitally” created enemies so corrosive would work like it does on robots. Thank you for setting some of this straight for us!

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I don’t know if you’ve found this yet, but this thread is about elements on the peak. It’s helpful info. Also, have you seen the stage by stage breakdown?

It breaks down each area by spawn on each run and includes videos, as well as some strategies that make it a little easier to manage. I’ve found both of these threads to be extremely heloful.


Ok I’ll check them out asap! I’ve read that fire is basically a useless element as well so we generally stick to corrosive, shock and explosive. We got lucky and found one Bone of Ancients Relic but it was fire so not so great in the Peak. I mostly use a 32% corrosive relic and dad uses a 32% explosive cuz with Anarchy he thinks the Harold is best for him to hit enemies. You mentioned “BoA”… I don’t know what that is? I apologize I’m not that crisp on the BL2 lingo and acronyms lol


I just realized “BoA” is Bone of Ancients… sorry

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Don’t sweat it. We throw lots of them around, and then there are some that mean different thing depending on context. EE is a good example. For Gaige it means Evil Enchantress, for Krieg it could mean Elemental Elation or Elemental Empathy. Here’s a link to a thread that attempts to put them all in one place.


Your shield is almost irrelevant with Dukino’s Mom - one shock ball will break anything - so might as well go with a Bee. Blockade is the most practical shield for the rest of the map, but that involves the Dragons, so forget that. Gaige makes great use of any turtle shield. Adaptive shields are great here too. But a Bee is great for both Maya and Gaige (on the more open maps).

Another grenade I like to use is a Pandemic - but they’re not easy to come by and farming them means trudging halfway through Sawtooth. But corrosive DoTs last the longest and the Pandemic pops out homing blobs for a long time. Barring that - Chain Lightning all the way. People recommend tesla/Storm Front but what if she’s on the other side of the rock? or she simply moves out of its AoE?

Maya can use Phaselock with Grog for instant heals ; otherwise save Phaselock for a Res.
Deathtrap might take aggro allowing you to unload with impunity - but I don’t play Gaige enough.

Otherwise, stay close together and keep a distance of roughly half the arena’s distance - not close, not far. Her shock balls are RNG, so you may not ever get them but keeping that middle distance seems to minimize it.

Elements : for most “flesh” enemies all elements are equal so fire works fine (except on robots and Scorch). If you have a good fire gun, use it.

Guns :

  • Tattler is a severely overrated gun. A Bitch or SandHawk with a Bee will outperform dramatically.
  • Avenger is best for someone like Axton.
  • DPUH is not your friend here : it’s slow, inaccurate and will obliterate your ammo reserves. Look for Hard, Intense, Crammed, even Explicit. What’s more important is getting Torgue grip which gives better reload, bigger mag size and more damage. This has Torgue grip (with the flange on the bottom)

  • for Gaige a ricochet Fibber - she can do wonders with this gun. Seriously, if you only get one thing for her, this is it. Bounce it on the ground and Close Enough will (mostly) take over - great for surveyors, incredible with a Bee. You still have to aim the ricochet a bit.

I better stop here.


Whoa… that’s a helluva a lot of info but I get most of it and thank you for taking the time. We currently have switched from the DPUH to I think(at work so I can’t look at it) an Intense version which fires at something like 2.6 shots per second instead of the DPUH 1.6.

We have a pretty good turtle shield we got outta the gold chest, I think it’s like 1.8m or something like that, why do you say Gaige makes such great use outta them, I’m asking because maybe Dad needs to change his skill tree points to something we’re not realizing?

When my father’s sent out Mechromancer he does go toe-to-toe with Dukinas Mom but she will just suddenly stop fighting MM(Mechromancer, did I just create a new acronym for the game because I don’t see it in the acronym list up there? ^^ lol) turn her head and launch the shock balls ----> dead

So basically what this comes down to in order to get past Dukina Mom is we need to practice switching very quickly to the Grog and hitting ourselves with a grenade as soon as Mom starts shooting shock balls, correct?


Also, the Fibber is a mission weapon so he can handle playing that long because we can stop and save if need be, but once we turn into Mal if it’s not a “ricochet” can I just power down my console so we can go back in and try again til we get a ricochet version?

Gaige’s Blood Soaked Shields should always be 5/5 which restores 100% of the shield after a kill. A turtle shield has great capacity but agonizingly slow recharge - Gaige has instant recharge.

Er…right…best to not deploy Deathtrap then :grimacing:

Well…hitting D’s Ma - yes.

Yes - but I play PC which uses a different method. @Kuolemanlaakso has an XBox and can give instructions.


Just the old fashioned dashboard farming. To speed it up you can enter Ore Chasm and exit again so you spawn right there each reload.


@moranmo22 - do you know what that is? (I don’t lol)

I think he means quitting the game and then restarting it, if we don’t get the ricochet, quit the game before it saves, start the game again and turn the mission in repeatedly til we get the ricochet version, correct?

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Thanks a ton guys, we only play once a week but until we get some assistance from Kuolemanlaakso(still can’t thank you enough) we’ll try getting our hands on a Fibber and maybe try to take on D Mom using the self healing with a shock grenade and the transformer shield, it’s not really healing but could work the same way I’d think. I check back here daily for your tips/tricks…everyone have a good weekend

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You can either exit the game WITHOUT SAVING by hitting the XBox button and then quitting using the drop-down options, or you can sign out of your profile while the game is still running then sign back in again.

If you simply quit the game using the in-game menu, you’ll be locked to whatever the reward was.

In terms of making sure you get the right Fibber, there’s a guide for that:


Good morning and hope everyone had a great weekend. I went in to check on the Fibber mission and we had completed it in our UVHM playthrough, when I went to reset UVHM a screen popped up reading “are you sure you wish to reset this playthroughs mission progress? This will also cause you to lose any unclaimed rewards you may have for this playthroughs completed missions” …once I reset UVHM you said we won’t lose our Peak runs so we can do the UVHM playthrough at OP6 so we get an OP6 Fibber correct, or can we buzz through it on a lesser level and just go up to OP6 before we accept that Mal mission that rewards the Fibber? Sorry if this seems like a dumb question, first time resetting a level so I’m not sure what it’ll allow after doing that


Kind of both. You can go through at OP6 if you wish, or do it all on 72 and just put it on OP6 before you accept the Fibber quest.