Can anyone please help me help my 82 year old Father in BL2 Xbox?

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Also, the Fibber is a mission weapon so he can handle playing that long because we can stop and save if need be, but once we turn into Mal if it’s not a “ricochet” can I just power down my console so we can go back in and try again til we get a ricochet version?

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Gaige’s Blood Soaked Shields should always be 5/5 which restores 100% of the shield after a kill. A turtle shield has great capacity but agonizingly slow recharge - Gaige has instant recharge.

Er…right…best to not deploy Deathtrap then :grimacing:

Well…hitting D’s Ma - yes.

Yes - but I play PC which uses a different method. @Kuolemanlaakso has an XBox and can give instructions.

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Just the old fashioned dashboard farming. To speed it up you can enter Ore Chasm and exit again so you spawn right there each reload.

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@moranmo22 - do you know what that is? (I don’t lol)

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I think he means quitting the game and then restarting it, if we don’t get the ricochet, quit the game before it saves, start the game again and turn the mission in repeatedly til we get the ricochet version, correct?

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Thanks a ton guys, we only play once a week but until we get some assistance from Kuolemanlaakso(still can’t thank you enough) we’ll try getting our hands on a Fibber and maybe try to take on D Mom using the self healing with a shock grenade and the transformer shield, it’s not really healing but could work the same way I’d think. I check back here daily for your tips/tricks…everyone have a good weekend

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You can either exit the game WITHOUT SAVING by hitting the XBox button and then quitting using the drop-down options, or you can sign out of your profile while the game is still running then sign back in again.

If you simply quit the game using the in-game menu, you’ll be locked to whatever the reward was.

In terms of making sure you get the right Fibber, there’s a guide for that:

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Good morning and hope everyone had a great weekend. I went in to check on the Fibber mission and we had completed it in our UVHM playthrough, when I went to reset UVHM a screen popped up reading “are you sure you wish to reset this playthroughs mission progress? This will also cause you to lose any unclaimed rewards you may have for this playthroughs completed missions” …once I reset UVHM you said we won’t lose our Peak runs so we can do the UVHM playthrough at OP6 so we get an OP6 Fibber correct, or can we buzz through it on a lesser level and just go up to OP6 before we accept that Mal mission that rewards the Fibber? Sorry if this seems like a dumb question, first time resetting a level so I’m not sure what it’ll allow after doing that

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Kind of both. You can go through at OP6 if you wish, or do it all on 72 and just put it on OP6 before you accept the Fibber quest.

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That simply refers to the situation if you’d completed a mission of any kind but not yet turned it in to claim the reward. It does not affect anything else, including any missions that you’ve already turned in and are now marked as “Completed” in your mission log (first tab of your inventory screen.)

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Oh this, I forgot all about it. I’ll check what I have now.

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Ok great and thank you again. I’ll be home all night so I’ll check here every so often(I can’t find a way for this site to send me direct notifications if someone posts here) and you let me know what to do moving forward as I’ve never played online so I know I have to change my settings to allow others to join or I join you?

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@moranmo22, did i read correctly you need an OP6 redundant fibber? Before you reset your game, I have a non-elemental one that i can give you. Xbox One, right? My xbox gamer id is the same as my name here. I’m on more during the weekends (USA eastern standard time) but may also be on during the week evenings.

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Seriously? Ok great and thank you tons! I’ll def try to find you in game(my name is Killermarkmo22) we already did the reset and started our play through but we’ll continue because I was thinking about ways to make the game a lil easier for him as he sometimes struggles with how quick you have to be doing everything. If we keep doing the story mission and get him a Dahlminator… anybody ever max out Anarchy and then use the Dahlminator? Possibly a great combo with it’s seeking bullets, kinda along the lines of using Close Enough maybe?

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While that’s good, an easier route might be to simply farm Knuckledragger for a Hornet. He’s a pretty easy farm (enter the map from Southern Shelf so you always respawn in the Hyperion barge) and the burst fire on the Hornet is pretty devastating, especially with Close Enough.

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Great, thanks! Like I’ve said before he can’t play for hours on end which limits our farming but when I started researching how to get better gear I read that about the Hornet so we went after it and got one on our second trip but he hasn’t used it with Close Enough yet… we’ll try that next time we play. Thanks again!

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66 yrs old here; thanks for making me feel young !

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We received some help due to this post and you very kind folks, so I just wanted to say thank you again and Merry Xmas to each of you and your families! Dad doesn’t text much at his age but I wanted to show his appreciation too…

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Question for any/everyone, if Gaige has a gun in her hand with a blade on it that states “+50% melee damage”…does that 50% increased melee damage translate over to Mechromancer when she’s holding it? Thank you for any help