Can anyone please help me help my 82 year old Father in BL2 Xbox?

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holy crap, you paid money for a Tranformer shield? Dude, I’ll give you mine for free. that’s insane!

Came to this thread a little late apparently. However, if you’re still in need of item/gear. I don’t really play much on console anymore. I’m happy to provide you with tons of gear. I require nothing in return. I’m just paying it forward. :blush:

GT = forum name

Please let me know if you’re going to reach out to me as I’m not on xboxlive frequently. I’d have to log on and check for you. :wink:

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I’m no expert on Gaige, however I do think that you won’t get the additional 50% to DT(DeathTrap). You can apply your shield roid damage however. so if you’re looking to buff DT’s melee damage, consider a roid sheild like Hide of Terra, or Love Thumper.

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Not exactly sure what you’re looking for.
All characters (other than Krieg) have the same melee formula. 132K at level 72.
So in all cases their melee damage is increased by 50% with a conventional bladed gun.

Is your question : does Anarchy boost melee? Which in turn is boosted 50%?
(I don’t think so because that’s what With Claws is for)

Or is it : does a bladed weapon boost damage when With Claws is spec’d?
(from the wiki : “This skill activates when bladed weapons are used but only overrides the animation. The melee attack still recieves the bonus melee damage from blades, roid shields, etc.”…so yes.)

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I suspect the question is "Does a bladed weapon in Gaige’s hand boost DT’s (the robot summon) melee damage, and to that the answer is no. Although that would be helpful. Do I have the question right @moranmo22?

If you’re specced for Sharing is Caring (capstone skill in the BFF tree), Deathtrap gets a copy of whatever shield you’re wearing when you summon it, and therefore can get any roid damage (or spike/nova effect) that the shield offers. Other bonuses: relics, com boosts (looking at those Roboteer coms), have no effect on DT’s damage.

@moranmo22 If you are interested in more specific advice or recommendations you could post your build here, or in the Gaige section, and the folks here will be glad to do a deeper dive on your particular situation. Here’s a link to the build calculator.

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Thank you for your input and offer to help. We’re actually playing right now, my name is Killermarkmo22, I believe I just invited you. Thank you again

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you forum members are all so smart. :blush:

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Hey there, i’m sorry i’ve not been responsive the past few times you’ve tried to get in touch. I hope you’re getting stuff you need, i’ll be able to help again from Friday onwards if you need anything. I can even run the Peak with you again if need be :+1:

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I’ve never met him but I already like your Dad :grinning: if you’re up for trading look for me on XBox under this gamer tag (there’s no underscore though). I have 56 mules- pretty sure I’ve got some OP6 and higher gear there somewhere…

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i just added him as a friend on xboxlive. He and his Dad are at OP7. Nice job gentlemen. I gave some gear and probably too much. I too have several mules, not sure if i’m close to @Carlton_Slayer numbers. lol but i have quite a few. I kinda bailed quickly. had some stuff come up at the house. let me know if you two need help getting to op8. I’m happy to jump in and run thru it with you two.@moranmo22 :innocent:

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I joined them for the OP6 run as it happens! They were astonished at my amazing skills… Ok, they weren’t, they were amazed at how powerful Salvador is. But i’m pretending it was all me :laughing:

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Seriously, you guys are all great! We just got done, after an hour and half, sorting thru the gear that Kurt left for us, it was almost all OP8 but we really appreciate it, dad was like “my God these guys dominate this game they actually have more gear than we can carry” lol. It took us 4 trips to Sanctuary to store/sort thru what Kurt left. D mom still kicked our asses at OP7 so we’ll stay at it to hopefully get our hands on all that fantastic OP8 gear we received tonight. Thank you guys all again, if you saw my father’s face light up when he gets new gear you’d understand how much I appreciate it. You are all great people!

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Kuoelman, I cannot tell a lie, after you assisted with OP6 my dad goes …“I don’t like playing with him, he kills everything too quick, what the hell am I even here for” haha haha, I told ya the ornery bastard wants to do it himself but he’s said several times…“that’s really neat that these folks are willing to help us and they don’t even know us”…

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It’s like strangers helping each other during Katrina :grinning:

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Yes that is what we were wondering, thank you for clarifying that a bladed weapon doesn’t boost Death Trap damage!

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Nonproblem. There are so many little things in this game that there are threads dedicated to things we just discovered and things we learned ridiculously late, and I’ve (we’ve) reaped the benefits of everyone’s time on Pandora thanks to the sharing spirit. I (We) feel that the only way to repay that debt is to pay it forward.

:point_up_2: This. The peak is a Digistructed natural disaster we run into headlong.
I think that because of our shared experience we feel less like strangers here and more like a large, loosely defined family. When new people pop up its less “Hey there new guy” and more “Welcome home cuz. How you been?” :wave: :hugs: :beers: :grin: At least that’s how it felt to me when I got here.

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You guys&gals are all so freaking cool, I’m doing my best to respond and be grateful but please bare with me as I don’t know these forums well and how to respond directly to someone. I see you guys respond and within the response it’s like you grab a piece or “quote” that yomu’re responding to and address it specmifically, I’m not sure how you’re doin that but I’m trying to respond to everyone cuz I truly appreciate how much you’ve helped me and my dad enjoy this game even more. I wish the rest of the world could be more like this video game group that doesn’t see anything but “friends” they’ve never met but still wana help! You guys are the best

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I can relate to this. In my forum youth (that’s an exaggeration, there are a good deal of folks that have been around since launch, in comparison I’m still a young 'un) I knew very little and banged about like a jumpy cat on a drum kit. @VaultHunter101 posted this link before when someone asked a question about this, and I was mad that I hadn’t found it myself when I had a very similar question.

There’s probably a bunch of stuff there you already know, but it’s a handy reference for when your thoughts get ahead of your forum kung fu.

Derailment over. Maybe. I hope. It’s just hard for me to resist surfing any rad looking tangent. Apologies.

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Hello, All, hope everyone had a great weekend…friday we came very close to killing OP7 D Mom so I think we’ll get it done soon, I’m wondering - I’ve had several warnings that if we get past D Mom the drop in arena area happens and we’ll face all 4 assassins at once which is just as difficult, would it be worth it to try to get our hands on a Sham shield as I believe all the assassins attacks are bullet based, if not, best ideas as far as which shield to use there? Dads not fast enough on the buttons to run the Bee and heal himself with a Grog so he always needs the best defensive shield I can get him for whatever area we’re in. Thanks again for all your help as Carlton Slayer provided us some more great OP7 gear this weekend and also Kurtdawg13 and Commondefence have in the past as well, you guys/gals rule!!

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The easiest to obtain but also very good shield for him is maybe the Antagonist. The Blockade is better for pure defence but it requires you to farm the Dragons. As for the quad Assassins, i’d personally stick together and kill Rouf first, then Reeth, then Oney, and then Wot. Wot is the squishiest, Rouf being the most irritating.

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Ok great, Carlton actually provided us an OP7 Blockade so I’ll have him use that, Kurt provided an OP8 Antagonist if I remember correctly so we’ll have that if we get past OP7. Thanks for the tips