Can anyone please help me help my 82 year old Father in BL2 Xbox?

(Moranmo22) #101

Ok, I’ll look into the Black Hole tomorrow, if it’s a quest reward we’re go after it tomorrow night… but this is great to know/learn cuz I can have dad jump into the arena, summon DT and shield swap real quick, then I’ll jump down and the fight will begin…we’ll sacrifice a few seconds of DT duration but it’s worth it for him to have a shield on that helps us more! Thank you, it’s amazing how much there is to this game

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The Black Hole isn’t a quest reward, it’s a designated drop from that character who only appears after you’ve done the Hell Hath No Fury quest. He will spawn in the same are every time you load into Opportunity. @Jefe is totally right, you should look into other options like a decent roid shield, it’s a PITA to farm. For me it’s a sort of labor of love. Weird thing is that toon isn’t specced into the middle tree, which would make it significantly better. I just like to watch the mobs break the shield and set off a singularity nade on themselves.

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Let you’re dad go down first and hide behind the drainpipe at the back of the arena. After you drop down have him activate DT and hang back while you deal with them first. This should- hopefully- make it easier if you only have to worry about you taking damage…

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Goodluck with you and your dad.

the 4 assassins spawn is the hardest part of the peak for me. It took me a while to get comfortable with it, there was even a time that I am just hiding behind the pipes, lol.

For strat, once they spawn PL Reeth (he need to go down first since the fire DOT will kill you) and give everything both of you got (wear a bee for extra damage). Focus on him until he is down, just circle the area and use PL and quasar to immobilize the other assassins and healthgate with a bee, Gaige buck up will definitely help you in this fight if you wear a bee.

From there on you can proceed to target either rouf or oney (don’t use explosives on oney he is resistant to it). Or you can easily dispatch Wot (you can see him just dancing near where he spawn).

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Thank you to Kurtdawg for being patient and checking back last night as I got hung up helping my step-son with homework. We now have on OP6 Quasar!! Thank you, All, for the advice with the exception of Carltons advice of telling dad to hide behind the pipe at the back of the assassins arena, if I told him to hide he’d probably throw his controller at my head and say something like “I ain’t hiding from anybody, I’m here to kill these sonsabitches” hahaha but it’s true.

Another strategy question cuz as we know strategy helps a ton and you folks obviously know more than we do. In regards to Sharing is Caring I suggested the Impaler which at OP6 would shoot both corrosive homing spikes at ranged attackers and spike damage to melee attackers at roughly 1M damage per spike, if we give DT a maylay shield won’t DT get the roid damage far less because the shield won’t always be depleted, or should we assume the shield will constantly be depleted in a fight like the assassin arena and the roid damage will just about always be there? Thanks for the tips

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The shield will go down very quickly on DT. As long as DT is taking some aggro the shield will go down, and without any shield skills it’ll never get a chance to recharge.

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What @Prismatic_Me said. Gaige’s shield skills don’t apply to DT, and he’ll be in the face of every baddy he targets so the shield will be broken most of the time in regular mobbing and constantly in close quarters like the Assassins arena. Steer clear of the Love Thumper because the novae will hurt you, but other than that any roid shield fills that niche quite nicely. Look for one with a highish delay and decent damage number. If you have some seraph crystals a Punchee from the Torgue Campaign seraph vendor is easily farmable, or you could just fast travel around checking med vendors. Have I dropped this link yet? Here it is, even if it’s a repeat.

It’s got Google Docs that give max stats for all of the gear and will help you determine what you’re looking for in general.

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Thank you! Just learned another tidbit we weren’t aware of - Gaige shield skills don’t apply to DTs… sometimes we based decisions on thinking it did. Thank you!

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This is something I say after throwing my DT out with a Black Hole and only seeing 1 singularity/nova combo even after scoring a kill with full Blood soaked shields investment. I’m not the best tester, and I could be wrong. Confirmation bias and all that. If you check the Gaige subforum someone may have better info than I have provided.

Also, I would suggest considering @nat_zero_six’s advice concerning Buck Up and the Bee. Nat is a master of raids, and if he vouches for a skill it’s worth a second look.

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No worries.

While i was waiting I killedTinder at OP7 for you, that is where I got the purple adaptive shield. I also farmed the Forge so I could get you a Harold at OP7. :wink:

And, of course the console vs. pc thing still persists with me. I killed Tinder once, and got 3 legendary coms, two for Sal and the Axton com. :roll_eyes:

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Huh? Where in the forge did you farm a Harold? Or do you just mean the torgue machine?

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Can’t get anything passed you. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Ok so if dad specs Buck Up and I use the Bee, would I do more damage with the OP7 Sand Hawk or the Hornet? Have both and have read several places folks think each gun is “the best” for the Peak

(Vault Hunter - Borderlands Addict) #114

you’d do more damage with both weapons. Sandhawk has more DPS with a bee than a hornet, but both would work. :wink:

When i take Maya thru the peak, I typically go corrosive with my weapon/gear selection. Corrosive Sandhawk, Bee shield, BoA corrosive relic, and either a Leg Cat or Siren com. I use a longbow Quasar during cooldown periods or sometimes in tandum with my phaselock. it’s great crowd control. a lot of this also depends on your skill point selection. I like Scorn, which means I don’t need to equip a slagging tool. I also don’t use Moxxi weapons with her. she has enough skills to stay up/alive.
I forgot to mention I also equip a corrosive Pimp. :wink:

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Kurtdawg, You just read my mind on my next question…I believe i have every Maya Legendary Mod, if I use the Nurse Mod, between the team health regen, PL lasting like 8-10 seconds with Sustenance maxed out - anyone ever find out if that can keep us outta FFYL when hit with D Mom shock balls or at least the first one so we can retreat ? Or does the Nurse mod not boost damage enough?

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I wouldn’t run thru the peak with a Nurse com. Only because of testing the com while mobbing, the DPS is severely lacking for a peak run. Especially an OP7 run, which is arguably harder than an OP8 run, just because of the 4 assassins spawning simultaneously. Siren or Cat com is how I run it. I haven’t really tried with a nurse com. So I don’t know for sure, only that the DPS is much better with a Cat or Siren com. Also depending on skill distribution.

I start with Siren com. Before dropping down to D’mom. I switch to a Cat com. I have my skill points distributed in a manner that allows me to swap coms from siren to cat when ever I need it. So, D’mom gets beehawked with the cat com. I then swap back to the siren com. I like the cooldown it provides. I want my phaselock available as quickly and as much as possible.

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The Siren com is generally a much safer pick. It provides decent damage with some defense, but the star of the show is the Phaselock cooldown. Between that and the bone your cooldown is around 7-8 seconds which is invaluable. Having res available at short notice means your coop partner can play more aggressively knowing that even if they go down you won’t have to risk rushing in. The siren com is also great with the bee as Ward makes recovering from getting hit easier.

I’d vouch for the Leg Siren everywhere but possibly DK’s mom, Saturn and OMG, where the Cat just helps you win the DPS race.

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Exactly! This right here! :point_up_2:t2:

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This may seem a bit strange to ask this late but have you ever posted your and your dad’s builds? Even with all the excellent advice given so far, seeing your builds would go even farther in that regard.

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The peak becomes easier when you change mindset from “I need to survive” to “I need to kill everything asap”. With Maya I’ve run the peak with a Trickster build and the one thing I miss the most is more cooldown. It might only be a second difference but I notice it a lot. Legendary Siren is best if you don’t want to swap gear a few times, although for certain parts swapping for more DPS when you can’t phaselock anyway is sensible if you are happy doing so.