Can anyone please help me help my 82 year old Father in BL2 Xbox?

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Well…thanks to all of you Folks awesome kindness and generosity dad and I made it through OP7 peak run without anyone helping in the run!!! The Blockade that I believe Carlton gave us made a HUGE difference, dad just isn’t fast enough on the buttons to heal himself with Moxxie gear or shock himself with a Transformer on, the Blockade allowed him to take a shock ball hit without going in FFYL and allow him to retreat. We tried 4 times last night but D Mom got us every time and he goes “one more I’m getting tired” - we may have found a small glitch to that area, I was kiting her around backing up towards her spawn area and she spit shock balls damaging us both, I ran around the rock and dad ducked in between the double walls(entrance to next area) right behind where she spawns, D Mom walked straight into the left wall(when facing her at spawn)and just stood there spitting balls into the wall, I quickly switched to the Bee and beehawk blasted away from behind her, when she would turn to fight me dad would come outta cover, take a few shots and she’d turn right back into the wall. When she died dad threw his arms in the air and goes “finally that bitch dies” hahaha. He goes “lets save I’m beat” and when I told him we can’t he goes “well we aint stopping now lets go” and we made it all the way thru!! Kurtdawg thank you so much for your patience two days ago because the Quasar made the assassins fairly easy we thought, we buzzed through them in about a minute, I’m sure putting a great maylay shield on DT helped too so thank you all for that advice! Commondefence thank you for jumping in and dropping that Black Hole, we did find it after we finished the run. On to OP8 which we have lots of great gear waiting thanks also to Kurtdawg for that. So damn fun, thank you all so much for your help!!!

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I’ve never seen this before in my life… Wow :rofl:

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We kinda cheated against Saturn, once he got halfway up the hill I was worried we’d get backed into the assassin arena and destroyed so I jumped in and outta the ammo vending machine right there and threw about 30 Pandemics while dad threw MM, that took Saturn way down and we were able to finish him off

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Anything in the peak goes, I wouldn’t call it cheating, i’d call it using the situation you found yourselves in to your advantage!

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If anyone has any advice for OP8 we’re all ears because you folks certainly know what you’re talking about! Also I wanted to let you know - after we finished last night dad goes …“make sure you thank all those people helping us, we wouldn’t even be trying this anymore without all that gear they gave us, at least now we feel like we have a punchers chance”… so yes…thank you, Everyone!

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Saw you were online so I at least wanted to drop that Black Hole real quick.

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OP8 is very much what you’ve already seen on OP7. The spawns can vary in each area, but the only definite change from OP7 is you have to fight 2 Saturns. The 4 assassins spawn is possible on OP8 but it isn’t guaranteed.

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Grats dudes!!! :partying_face::sunglasses: :clap: :beers: What everyone else said. The spawns at OP8 are varied, so the run at OP8 is generally not as bad as the OP7 run where the spawns are fixed and generally horrific. But OMGWTH is guaranteed to drop one of the first gen pearls at OP8, so that is different from your earlier runs. What do y’all have planned now? OP8 reset victory lap? New toons? Retirement at Wam Bam Island? I kid. Happy for you guys. Nothing like the sweet smell of your enemy’s derezzing corpses. (Maybe we could get Yankee Candle to make that?)

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Dad and I talked about that last night, we’re gonna try OP8 now and if we can’t complete it we’ll certainly ask for help but if we do complete it - next time we play inviting any of you who helped us so we can do a run together and see you guys in action. It’s still crazy to us when Kuolemanlaakso ran OP6 with us how he obliterated Ds Mom in literally about 3 seconds.

Also…anybody have any ideas on BL3s arrival? We can’t wait for that because there’s almost no couch co-op games anymore(unless you guys know of any? We’ve done all the Gears of War, Army of Two and Diablos) so we’re really hoping it is

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There’s been plenty of rumours and leaked information, but there’s nothing concrete. The general consensus seems to be it’ll be this year sometime, most likely Q3 or Q4. But that’s not been confirmed by anybody official yet.

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At OP8 we have some gear we’ve never used or even heard of, any suggestions on which may be best to use is appreciated - Twister, Kitten,
Pimpernel, Hail, Interfacer, Butcher… Antagonist and Evolution shields … I believe those are the only ones… Thanks again

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Awesome to hear. Great job. This community rocks!


No worries. Welcome to OP8. Let the farming begin! lol

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Congrats on OP7! Other games!!! There are other games??? Why not try a new vaulthunter? ZerO, Krieg, Axton, Sal? Or different builds with your existing Maya and Gaige? Or go after raid bosses? That’s what’s great about BL2…the possibilities are endless. I’d love to play with you guys…Peak, raid bosses, or random shenanigans…if you (or anyone else on the forum) see me online, don’t be afraid to send an invite on the xbox1.

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This is our second play through, I was Axton and he was Maya but they didn’t have the Peak back then and I gave my Xbox 360 to some less fortunate kids so I couldn’t figure out how to recover those characters. We’ll probably start a new game as someone else but we’d love any of you joining in on some Invincible fights cuz we never beat any of them.

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Without access to a 360, it isn’t possible

(Moranmo22) #136

I can access it, I gave it to a struggling single mother friend for her kiddos but if I asked to borrow it a day she would let me, if I did I could pull our level 72 Axton and Maya onto my new Xbox?

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Yup. Instructions are here:

Make sure you “Save as New” when you download each one to the XB1.

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yep, this is how i make my mules on the xbox1. Works like a charm.

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As for the new gear you can both make use of the Twister but if your dad is running a shock/Anarchy build Gaige might get more use out of it. treat it like a shotgun instead of a SMG and it should prove useful. Maya is great for the Pimpernel, Gaige for the Hail (if you can get used to its weird firing pattern). The Interfacer is another powerful gun with a weird firing pattern- learn to use it properly and raid bosses won’t stand a chance. I personally love the Butcher on any character so try it to see who enjoys it most. The Antagonist is great in bullet heavy areas (not so much vs critters) and the Evolution is best used when you expect to take a lot of elemental damage- think Pyro Pete or Terra’s flame tentacle stage. Congrats to you and your dad though- Excelsior! :muscle:

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I feel bad for not helping out more, I offered but then i’ve been away from home for long periods and only take my PS4 with me due to it being considerably smaller and lighter. Please don’t hesitate to message my on XBL though if you see me on, i’m still happy to help out whenever possible.