Can anyone please help me help my 82 year old Father in BL2 Xbox?

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Thanks again everyone for the advice on getting our 360 characters over to the new console, the gear advice from Carlton and Kuoleman - don’t feel bad about anything, just offering to help someone you don’t know is going above and beyond, we all have lives outside of Pandora, unfortunately lol. You guys have all been great and Dad and I wouldn’t even be trying to run the Peak anymore if it wasn’t for all your help!!! Thank you All again a million times over!!

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First cracks at OP8 tonight, guessing D Mom will still be real challenging for us …besides the gear listed a few comments ago I forgot to mention we also have a Bekah and corrosive Infinity thanks to Kurtdawg I believe(sorry keeping track of everyone’s generosity is a lil tough to remember) - any of the previous mentioned gear or these two go better with the Bee for this fight? Or stay with Bee/Sand Hawk? Dad is pretty much straight defensive mode in this area - Blockade, Evolution or something else for him? Thanks for any advice

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Blockade if you want defence. The Bekah is phenomenal for Maya, but BeeHawking works too. Personally i’m not a fan of the Infinity but i’m sure that too can be very effective with the Bee.

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Ok thank you, what makes the Bekah better for Maya than say Gaige seeing as how it’s not an elemental weapon?

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If you haven’t played with the Hail yet, I’d recommend checking that out. it works well with Maya and for D’mom specifically. Paired with a Bee…pretty nice. The Hail has a pellet split which adds to unlisted pellet amp damage from the Bee. :wink: You’ll want corrosive and matching grip if you can get it. Prefix to stay away from is Swift. the arc is unmanageable with that prefix, especially on console. You can get that weapon from Fink’s Slaughter which is in the Fridge. :wink:

I might have dropped a ferrocous corrosive Hail. Not sure if I had it on that character when I dropped the gear for you.

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Ok I’ll give it a try for sure because you did drop two of them I think, a fire and a corrosive so I’ll obviously go with the corrosive! Thanks for the tips, Everyone! I told Dad …“we have about 8-10 guns at OP8 that we’ve never had before so tonight should be real fun”… he responds… “I’m killin all those bastards” hahaha

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Another quick question that could help Dad a lot - is the Hail a Moxxie weapon? We have a Kitten and Hail, if he’s holding/attacking with the Kitten the MM he throws will heal him and help him stay alive, will that be true with the Hail as well, because in the Wiki about the Hail it doesn’t mention that’ll heal from indirect damage like grenades? If the Hail does more damage and heals indirectly that could be very useful for him! Thank for any tips

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Never mind, I just zoomed in on a picture of the Hail and it says “moxxi” right on the side of it so that answers my question

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FWIW, I love Hail with Gaige (Close Enough helps with the bullet arc). Works well with Maya as well, thanks to phaselock.

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Yes it is.

first off, Magic Missles don’t work on D’mom. You’re better off with a Storm front which has a large area of effect and while holding a moxxi weapon, all damage you deal heals you. MM is just for slagging. Unless your rocking an OP8 MM which I do not recommend. you’ll end up killing yourself with an OP8 MM.

edit: I’ll add that using the Hail takes time to perfect. I’d recommend mobbing around with it while you wait for your Dad to join you. You end up looking at the ground when using the hail due to its trajectory.

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I wouldn’t use it on Gaige personally, unless you aren’t using Anarchy maybe. Also it doesn’t need to be elemental to be useful, the Bekah has unlisted pellets after a certain distance that can work well with Chain Reaction, Converge and Ruin.

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Well thanks again to all your Folks help we made it through OP8 last night, again the Blockade being the difference maker, D Mom for one reason or another just kept going after Dad but with the Blockade on he only went FFYL once, I blasted away with the Beehawk and we got by her on the second try of the night. 2 Saturns were a bitch, I actually went FFYL twice there, got myself up once by finishing off the red health line on the first Saturn and dad got me up the other time. Tried all the new weapons and I have to say Carlton was right, the Butcher is a blast - I paired that(no Bee) with the Binder Mod and between how long Suspension works coupled with 60% Wreck and 80% Reaper it was devastating, Dad couldn’t believe how stable the Bitch was even with lots of Anarchy. After we finished the last giant robot dad turns to me and goes “this game ain’t Sh*t” hahaha, he said again though “no way we get through this without that gear they gave, that was fun”… thanks guys, we think we may play the whole game again on OP8 just for fun, if you ever see us and wana jump in for an OP8 Peak run just let us know and we’re in!! Thank you guys , All, again!!

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and right back at ya!

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Congrats gentlemen! Welcome to OP8. :acmaffirmative: :beers: