Can anyone spare a grenade?

I’m looking for a 'Rain Firestorm’s grenade mod. I currently have a LVL40 that’s 336 damage & 323 radius. So anything higher than that is what I’m looking for. This grenade I’d absolutely amazing, and it’s the best Grenade out there in my opinion. It’s gotta be the rain version of the firestorm though. Anyone that has one to spare please lmk. I’d be VERY grateful !

You didn’t say wether you are on pc or console,if you’re on PS4 i have one at lvl60, add me with a message if not someone here will help

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Dang it ! I really appreciate the offer but I’m on xbox. I’ll update the post

Moved you to the XB1 trading section. Good luck!

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I thought that’s where I posted it. Thank you much !

I think I have 4 of those. Either level 60 or 57. Still need one?

Sweet ! Yes I do. I’d appreciate it. Do you think it’s one of the better grenades ? I currently have the firestorm and the epicenter in my backpack but I mostly use the firestorm.

I might have an epicenter too. What’s your GT?

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That would be cool. Sc077R0ck37 (the 0’s are zeroes) I’m still a level 46 but I may go farm a bit to get up there.

Sent. I’ll check for that epicenter in a few

I dont have the epicenter but I have the MIRV Widowmaker in Fire/Cryo/Radiation if you ever need those. Just sitting in my storage.


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Rock. Thanks. This name goes back into Halo 1 days.

@TeezyMcSleezy Idk anything about the Widowmaker. I’ll check it out if you wanna send it my way. I’ll take anything good you wanna share !


Have you tried the " Diluvian Firestorm" yet?

IMO, it is better than the Rain prefix. Only problem is that it is the rarest grenade in the game.

@tuck7216 Oh wow. No I’ve never heard of it. That’s awesome, do you have one ? I’m content with the rain but I’d be happy to find one lol. Any idea where it drops at, or is it just a rare world drop ?


I got one from Captain Traunt in Athenas. That was back when lvl 53 was max level. I ended up selling it due to level increases. I play on pc though.

It is super duper rare and if you ever see one, grab it. It is one of the rarest finds in this game.

@tuck7216 I never know what all these variants do. Usually on guns the name represents the element. With the rain I just happened to see a video on it and that’s what I got lucky and found. But most variants you got to find out by trying it out bc you can’t find YouTube vids on every variant. You must’ve had a really good grenade mod to sell that one, huh ?

It was replaced with a It’s Piss nade as I am a Zane player that uses SNTNL and cant throw nades as a result.


Only seen it once,had one drop on lvl 57 with ase rad anoint

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