Can anyone spare an Old God

What’s up everybody. I cannot get an Old God to drop to save my life. If anyone has extra’s, specifically a radiation one, I’d greatly appreciate the help.

Radiation Old God

Psn - RavenMocker_86

I have one you can have. Couldn’t send you a friend request because of your settings. Send me one and I’ll mail it over to you. Psn: JWZ33

Wow. Thanks. I’m sorry I didn’t see this sooner. I sent a friend request and I changed my settings. I just got a PS5 and I’m still figuring it out.

Thanks again buddy

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You’re welcome. Check your mail, I just sent it over. Enjoy!

Hey dude, if you’d like any other elements I’ve got everything except corrosive (which is the flippin’ one I’ve been trying to get haha!) so if you’d like any of those, let me know.