Can anyone take a look at my build?

Running Soldier com
DPUH/Badaboom/Grog/Ogre/Slagga mostly.

If you need to ask questions to help me go ahead.

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[quote=“AceOfWar, post:1, topic:1285454”]Running Soldier comDPUH/Badaboom/Grog/Ogre/Slagga mostly.[/quote]With that loadout, you might be able to get away without even spending any skill points. Still, that build shouldn’t get you killed.

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Not a fan of the nuke myself but, the build looks good. But only take quick charge if your using a beefy shield.

Build looks solid. Have you tried the Legendary Engineer Com? You might like the few seconds of cooldown you save.

What relic, grenade, and shield?

Try this if you can live without Nuke…using a Legendary Soldier.

That extra 20% Cooldown is VERY nice…especially when using an Explosive Damage Relic vice a bone of the Ancients.