Can anyone take pity on me and trade a lvl 70 Flayer?

Hi all,

I hate to ask as I pride myself on getting all the guns and gear I want legitimately, but I have been grinding and farming till my thumbs are ready to fall off trying to get a Flayer shotgun to drop. Really looking to try the Deputy Aurelia build out and it’s my only outstanding piece.

Preferably the doc’s prefix with Jacobs grip, Torgue sight and Hyperion stock but I am probably past being too fussy really!

I am on UK GMT on PS4 and PSN ID is Kitty_Hellfire.

I have lvl 70 gear to offer in return including a Skullmasher and Fatale with perfect parts.

Many thanks in hopeful anticipation. X

I can drop one for you. I’m on most nights 10:30 est. PSN: Sun_TsuNami


I have a spare one
My psn is youngbuck404

Cheers guys I’ve added you both so you may fight over your good deed!

Sun sorted me out thanks again! Just tried it on some darksiders and it kind of pulped them!