Can anyone trade me a Bessie sniper rifle

(Raydog) #1

Can anyone trade me a Bessie I’ve must of farmed craw and the armory 100 times and I’m just unable to find one ahah
PSN xXDarkKruegerXx

(Brian with an I) #2

Two things:

  1. 100 farming runs? Only 900 more to go. If you’re lucky

  2. What are you offering in trade? Not sure I’ll part with mine but I’ll entertain offers

(Raydog) #3

I would trade anything really ahah
The Pearls I have are the jackal a tsunami a rose and Serpens

I Pretty much have all the legendarys but not the legendary eridiens

And a few loyalty class mods

(Boring Ol' Album Cover) #4

What are the parts on the Serpens?

(Raydog) #5

I’m not sure mate I only know wepon parts on borderlands 2 you can Join my game and have a look if you like

(Boring Ol' Album Cover) #6

Here’s some guides. Just match the codes up.

And here, just match up the barrel

(Raydog) #7

I looked at the guide and I don’t understand it sorry mate

(Boring Ol' Album Cover) #8

Eh, never mind then. Sorry for wasting your time. Hey, at least you can use those to learn parts.

(Raydog) #9

I could just take a photo of it and post it in on hear for you to look at the parts if you want mate ?

(Boring Ol' Album Cover) #10

That would work

(Raydog) #11

(Boring Ol' Album Cover) #12

It’s got the worst body and the second worst barrel. :disappointed_relieved: No thanks.

(Raydog) #13

Okay dude ahaha

(Liam) #14

I have a Bessie - level 67 - not the most fantastic variant, but it’s still a Bessie. My PSN is lbpomg95. Feel free to add me.

(Raydog) #15

Okay mate il add you now

(Samuraith) #16

What level Bessie and what do you have to trade?