Can anyone with two controllers help me get the sublevel 13 trophy?

Can someone help me with those two co-op trophies? Who you gonna call and the one where you revive someone on your friend’s list. Haven’t been able to find anyone recently, so hopefully people can help me on here. I believe I need three people for the “who you gonna call” trophy. Just add me on the PSN. I’ll be on the whole remainder of the day and this week. I’ll check this thread again tomorrow, so just feel free to send me a FR saying you’re from the forum. PSN: Mayhem_Megadeth


friend request me we can do a new playthrough tomorow my psn is Senseifire146

I also need the co-op one where three of your buddies must fall to a Lost Legion Eternal… I’m on PC (Steam) tho’.

Anyone here wanna help a guy out?

Do you have two controllers? I need someone with two controllers. Getting three others to do the trophy is impossible at this point since nobody plays this anymore

yeah sure why not