Can anything buff the turret?

Outside of obviou skill trees, does the turret benefit from any outside buffs, such as grenade or explosion damage for scorched earth, or nuke?

They get the fire rate bonus from the gunner COM. I don’t know if they get any other buffs though.

@adamplaga: So to be precise, can anything buff the turret? If such is the case, you might want to reword the thread title to better clarify.

As @boombumr mentioned, the Gunner COM, with its “team fire rate” increase, lends that fire rate increase to the turret. I have been in combat with four Commandos all rockin’ Gunner COMs, and the turrets’ fire rates were hilariously high :laughing:

In theory, other “team” buffs would work. Zer0’s Killer COM should buff its critical damage (never tested this myself), although the turret doesn’t always score crits anyway. His Shot COM should increase its accuracy (I wonder what +5 in Laser Sight and a fellow Shot COM would do…)

A Sweetheart COM probably adds some health? A Nurse COM… I don’t know (maybe the health regeneration is too low compared to the turret’s overall health value)? Maya can definitely heal the turret with Restoration.

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