Can barely matchmake into *anything* no less the Takedown

I would have added my 2 cents in the thread about scaling the Takedown to solo play but this is it’s own serious issue that frustrates me to no end. Actually getting into a team with people running any of the matchmade activities (Proving Grounds, Circle, Takedown, etc.) is an extremely rare event (out of about 20 tries since game beginning, I got into a team of 4 one time, the rest just nothing). Same result today for the Takedown & I gave up. This is only going to get worse if nothing is done to improve it (people will just give up trying).

My favorite game with actual, really fun multiplayer (unmentioned title) does not lock people out if they die, adds players if someone quits, and has a publicly stated goal of getting matchmade activities going within 5 minutes. Fun stuff!

I wish BL3 was more like that. Gearbox, please!


Yeah, if they’re actually going to make content like this, they really do need to make sure matchmaking works, at a minimum.