Can BB learn from Fortnite? Poll

What makes Fortnite most attractive to people? Almost instant matchmaking or 100% “Fair” gameplay where every match, everyone starts with the same opportunities.
(I’m sure the free to play aspect helps tremendously but let’s ignore that for now)

What could retain more players for Battleborn? Other suggestions are welcome, I’d like to hear all your ideas.

  • Solo OR Squad queue
  • Premade-PvP ONLY gear options
  • More cowbell
  • Faster Matchmaking(no voting)

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Never played Fortnite myself but I am also curious about this. However, they are notably different genres.


Battleborn had its moment and didn’t take it for whatever reasons…Fortnite is seizing its moment for whatever reasons… Entertainment is a hit driven business, but no one knows the secret formula for a hit or they wouldn’t be so many high profile failures. This is why the AAA industry is desperately trying to cash in on the games as service model, because they can extend out the life of a hit much longer with that formula. Most of them forget you still need a good game in the first place, though…


That’s a good point.
I guess my question pertains to what makes a good game last as long as another good game? I wonder if there is a common denominator so to speak.

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If you have millions of players, yes its easier for the system to match people and match them with players that have somewhat of the same stats.

Fortnite did pretty good, but when they jumped on the Battle Royal mode they exploded. PUBG was already popular but it had its issues. Fortnite jumped in and delivered a good experience with new elements.

What can fortnite learn from Battleborn? Server updates!!! Every week i see that the fortnite servers are down for maintenance because there is a new patch. How many patches did Battleborn get and how many down time was there ? If i remember correctly it was 2 times (1x Big update from 30 to 60fps, and 1x going to Free to Play). Every other update the service just kept running, and i’m not talking about hotfixes.

Battleborn released at a bad time, there was this rivalry and the game ended up with the short end of the stick. The competition did some very aggressive marketing. If battleborn released a year earlier or later it might have been fine. I’m still seeing tweets from time to time from people that are trying out Battleborn and are surprised that its actually a good game. I hope GBX & 2K will make Battleborn 2 because its an awesome universe and it delivered good gameplay.


Battleborn isn’t user friendly for new players. A lot of things to learn with very little in terms of teaching the players in game. Plus the gear system already puts learners at a disadvantage to more experienced players. There’s no reason to compare it to fortnite though. That’s like telling league it can learn from PUBG. Two completely different genres with different reasons people enjoy them.


talking about servers and battleborn offers no comparison to similar games and is likely a reason for Battleborn’s failure to catch on, unless you were in North America or Europe, you had red bar all the time and made the game a much more difficult experience to play. GBX was shady about the issue and only admitted the problems months after everyone knew the issues were there. They chose not to invest in proper servers for players in many regions and the player base there naturally got fed up and moved on quickly. It wasn’t just about the bad timing of the release, GBX did not have the infrastructure in place for a massive online multiplayer game and they chose not to invest to make it better, preferring to cut their losses and ride out what they could. Whether that was the correct business decision, who knows, but you can see why the player base in those areas made the choice to leave.


Tell me about it… Almost every time i go against or am paired with new players while soloing, there is usually at least one person who does nothing but farm them when they clearly have no idea what to do or how to play. I never saw a multiplayer game that didn’t give you a walkthrough of the mechanics and controls, before Battleborn. I went several MONTHS after release before i learned that you could teleport to base, and someone had to tell me…

At least people are still trying it out; and i see some new faces of pretty decent skill sticking with it, which is always nice to see.


Yep, I’ve been picking up newer players occasionally but it’s such a gamble. You never know who’s gonna stick around and learn from what you’re saying or which ones are just going to leave and put all that time to waste.

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It seems like the people who stick around ALWAYS do so because they love one or more of the characters, and want to hear their in-game banter, finish their lore, or just master and excell with them. To be bluntly honest, Battleborn is heavily flawed and uninspired in regards to map and mode design, and the clipping problems and bugs are innumerable. The characters though… Sure, some are generic, but Gearbox’s writers, voice actors and animators did a f*cking phenomenal job of making even characters with vanilla kits- such as Oscar Mike -a blast to play, through their dialog, backstory and taunts.

In other words, the only people who will and DO stick around, are those that just can’t get enough of the quirky and unique cast. If you are looking for balance and a well-oiled MOBA, look elsewhere; if you are the kind of person who likes forging a bond with a character, Battleborn has got you covered. Never before have I seen a multiplayer game (And, no, i am not trying to belittle the PVE crowd by calling it such) with the level of character development that Battleborn has.


Different games cant compare it, is the same you compare bb with overwatch.

If overwatch and BB we’re both free, I’d compare them all day long when talking about how to keep players playing.

Fortnite is also slowly cannibalizing itself. For example, how many of you knew that Fortnite actually has a PvE mode?

/Cartman voice* “Battleborn do what it want!!!”

Maybe they flip coins? Throw darts?

Im still waiting on the promised fall update patch of rebalancing all characters. I still haven’t heard anything official on why so Im assuming its an oversight that’s been overlooked for a very long time.

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I really enjoy Fortnite PvE. A similar tower defense mode in BB would be sweet.

I’m not quite following, do you mean they are ignoring PvE somewhat in favor of the PvP?

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That’s exactly what I mean. Hell, we’re already seeing that Paragon is just counting down the days until it finally goes to the Great Gaming Beyond. And many believe that Fortnite is to blame.

I bought Fortnite for relatively the same reason that I bought Battleborn: not the PvP. But that’s pretty much all Fortnite is known for these days, despite, ironically enough, it being added as an afterthought: its Battle Royale mode. Further shooting Fortnite in the junk is that the aforementioned PvE mode is gated behind a paywall (I should note that I got the Super Ultra Mega Deluxe Limited Edition or whatever it’s called, complete with all the mohawks, pinatas, and T H I C C engineers you could ever want (but not really)).

So really, Battleborn should not learn from Fortnite. One could even make the argument that some the worst mistakes were already adapted (that is, gating the PvE behind a paywall).


Maaan now I’m mad at Fortnite.( Very interesting points. Thanks)

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Well gearbox publishing…that may be part of the reason