Can DDE Players turn off the Golden Socket?

Just curious.

If I ever were to bend and buy it for the Taunts, I would like to know if I could go full hypocrite and hide that I got it.

I still hope to get the Taunts in another way or at least wait till the DDE is at a very low Price… but just in case, could I turn off the revealing socket?

Nope. I just checked and there is no way to turn it off in the options and I haven’t seen any other way to toggle it. If you buy DDE everyone will know.

I wonder, if you buy it then delete after getting the taunts, will you be able to pop in a disk and still have the taunts without the DDE tile? That might be your best option if that’s what you want.

I’m surprised we can’t buy these in the store, to be honest. I’d pay for a Mellka-themed one… because of course I would.


Why would you need to? Rather why don’t you want people to know you’ve bought it?

If you buy the DDE, it may count as a seperate version of the game and you may have to restart from scratch (At least on PS4.). I had a friend buy the standard release physically and shortly after found out the DDE was on sale for cheaper. His ranks/unlocks/progress/everything did not carry over when he made the switch and he had to redo the prologue and unlock Command again. Good chance of that happening if they were both digital as well.

I had a pretty bad rant when I found put about the taunts… so if my friends see me with the golden socket the comments will never end.

“Didnt you say you’ll never buy it?”

I could pretty well live without it.

I know about this Kind of behaviour ( having to restart the Prolouge before accessing command) from trying to play on a friends console.

But it is easily solved if you upload your profile data and download it on the other.

I hope the profile data isn’t seperated though, getting, all that gear and Lore again? R.I.P. Master of Kleese, since PvP is an ugly thing for your Lore…

Don’t be ashamed of us dedicated Battleborn monetary supporters and our sweet gold bling!

It’s not being ashamed per se. It’s more the getting taunted for my previous denial.

I still get frequently Taunted for things that are almost twenty years in the past now.

My friends are very unforgiving… still like those guys.

I would need someone with DDE and Disc to confirm / deny the progress issue.

If thats out of the way and I know I keep the Lore and Gear I’m fine. Just need to wait for another Price drop.

I will survive the Gold Socket Mockery.

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I guess most people jumped in right with the DDE or got Physical Copy.

I guess I’ll have to try it… would be nice if anyone pings me when there is a good discount on the DDE.

I’m pretty confident that my previous efforts won’t be lost.

@Lukanator I really really hope that the Standard and the DDE don’t count as seperate versions, or that at least the skins + taunts are attached to the PSN Profile rather than starting up the DDE ( once the price is right) and realising I won’t be able to have the stuff I already got together with the new stuff. That would be really awkward.

I’m just reporting what my friend told me. Bought the standard physical PS4 copy, got the PS4 DDE shortly on sale and had to restart progress on the same console. One thing to note is that standard copies have a white “BATTLEBORN” title at the main menu, and DDEs have the title in gold with “Digital Deluxe Edition” below it.

Images grabbed from Google, not my own:

White title

Gold title

They seem to be treated as separate. I just wanted you to be aware that this may a possibility if you wanted to make the transistion. The three legendary packs help out a tiny bit however, got the Generous Refund Policy shard generator right off the bat when I rebought the DDE on Xbox. (Wanted that forever on PS4 and could never get it, first one I pulled on Xbox, lol.)

Luckily my friend only just started and didn’t lose much. Even starting again on a different console was hard for me after mastering quite a few of my favourites, but that just means I can surprise higher ranked players when I melt them in PvP, lol. Gonna miss my full bank pages of legendaries, though. :sob:

Doy, restarting the Whole game seems like a no go for me, so I will have to wait till its really REALLY cheap, so in case it IS treated like a different game, I just loose like 15 Bucks or so.

I can live with that, or motivate myself to get it done again.

Hopefully it is smart enough to recognise the account, maybe I’m lucky and when I boot up the disc version again, I will get the Taunts / Skins there as well from the DDE as well.

This would also fix my issue that there is no toggle feature for the socket.

I pre-ordered on Amazon before the game came out and didn’t know about Digital Deluxe.
Ended up paying more for the regular version that people paid for Digital Deluxe.
So…I’d totally buy it and start over.