Can Eos Be Painted?

I know Eclipse can…and Laser Guided with Overcharge are Wilhelm’s absolute best skills…IMHO…

But I don’t see any evidence of being able to “paint” Eos when I try…

Can he still be painted…similar to the way the Sentinel was?

I believe so…the few times I’ve tried it, it looked like the laser was on him.

Nope. Can’t be painted. His turrets can, though. Not sure if shooting a painted turret will also cause increased dmg to eos.

What I’m more interested in is: can Eclipse and eos be cryo’d?

Good Question…

Because with the 3X damage bonus…Explosives could be an option

And you CAN chuck Laser Diskers against EOS…but you have to be up close and personal

Maybe an Explosive Badaboom or a Glitched Spitter…or Even a Ravager with the Crit bonus.

or…how about homing Bonus Packages…

and we need to see about the painted turret option…because all you would be doing is shifting the crit zone if painting does help overall damage to Eos.

He can’t be cryo’d, ecery other DoT has a visible effect, and in any case, Athena’s flash freeze didn’t proc for me

I just fought him the other day on my Wilhelm, and I distinctly remember being able to paint the turrets. I just kept dumping a corrosive glitched blaster on them until they went down, then worked on the next one until they were all gone. I wasn’t paying close attention to the details - was spending most of my time waiting on ammo boxes to open :wink:

I guess the question then becomes…does painting and then destroying a turret cause his overall health to go down?

Are we wasting our time on turrets and should just concentrate on the crit spots.???

Gah - I honestly can’t say for sure if I noticed overall health drop after killing a turret. But anything that reduces his damage output has to be a good thing, right? :wink:

One good thing about painting though - the turret appeared to keep focus on Wolf the entire time, so it was one less thing to worry about. Sure wish Athena had a way to shed some aggro like that :stuck_out_tongue: