Can favored gear please get a drop rate increase

Im all for farming since I’ve been here since BL1 but when it’s raining legendaries and you clear a whole map only to get ONE Maggie that ain’t right! GB knows what is being sought after and since 2.0 dropped I can tell what they’re doing. But no, when we have to get anoints on top of that just no no no!

on that note, the maggie is one of those guns i realy see A LOT…

though, imho they should up the anointed rate (or remove non anointed, or give non anointed a buff)

Thank you, I know where it’s dedicated drop is but those are so screwed up right now when these events aren’t on going that’s another topic. My vent is if I run a map I should see more plus not have the ones drop for another character. My last three I saw were for fl4k! Not one mind you has been for Zane and that’s not right. If your seeing that many send a cryo my way if your on xbox then. At least mayhem 5.


I ran through the Chop Shop in the Splinterlands on M6 5 times earlier today. Lots of legendaries dropped but only 3 Maggies. 2 non-anointed and 1 with an airborne anoint. I got a nice Hellshock but that’s the only Item I picked up.

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i can confirm the sickle drops pretty common there :wink:

just teleport to carnivora, clear out the first part and reload :wink:

took me a minuit or 2 to clear it and have 20 legendaries laying on the ground

I run splinterlands since it mains pistols. I hit three main areas that spawn badasses and have so many drops so that’s not the issue.

Same here. Im not even picking things up anymore. Im only looking for one item with one anoint. Shouldn’t takes days to get.

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I’ve actually found mayhem 10 incredibly helpful with my hoarding problem. Good stuff drops so rarely that I just never pick anything up :’( LMFAO Couple this with the new backpack upgrades and for the first time since launch I’m not playing inventory management simulator. Also I really miss inventory management simulator (at least that meant I was getting cool stuff) :frowning: lol

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in that case you can play the game in that camp :smiley:

it drops a decent amount of legendaries inbetween waves (lot of anointed spawning in the splinterlands though)

Yeah, it’s incredibly obvious that the undesirable stuff is heavily favored to drop.

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that sounds a bit biased :wink:

drop rates haven’t changed (that’s the actual problem)

when anointed became a thing most of the drops became absolete… (non anointed gear is useless no matter how you look at it) before that, farming for dedicated drops wasn’t as much of a problem (now you there’s the weapon, scope, modifiers, mode/1 shot or 2 shot/, elemental damage, etc. and then there’s anointment wich isn’t a guarantee so pretty good chance that a good roll will be useless because 1) no anointment or 2) the wrong anointment)