Can Fearmonger get normal anointsm

I’d like a fearmonger with consecutive hits or n2m, but I’ve only seen it with terror anoints; as I’m not playing fade away, the crit anoint seems bad on a shotgun so there arent any terror anoints i want on it.

Has anyone seen a fearmonger with normal anointments?

I got this the other night, haven’t seen one since though. I can’t say it wasn’t a fluke deal.

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It gives hope at least! And if it’s a fluke, it might be a hotfix fluke that lets me at least do a workaround

Ghosts don’t spawn without hotfix applied. I know it came from either a ghost or Cap Haunt.

Edit: I did see someone else mention seeing a Stalker with a normal Moze annoint. And I swear I had a ASE100 Stalker last year

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Good point, and also all good to know; I’ll keep searching then

I got one with a normal anoint yesterday. Can’t remember what, but it wasn’t a terror anoint.