Can fl4k get a survivability buff?

Currently fl4k has the least survivability of the 4 vault hunters. I’ve tried the gamma build and it isn’t viable at mayhem ten. This would not be an issue if he was functioning as a glass cannon and had the damage to back it up. As is amara out classes fl4k in all these ways

Play coop. Fl4k shines when he isn’t the center of all the damage and gains bonus damage if he isn’t being targeted

I dno what game you played fl4k is fine

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I go for the Red Fang class mod and a strong pet, then Last Stand/Snowdrift Deathless with the Transformer/Old God Shield. Couple that with Shared Spirit being constantly active and enough stopping power to keep my pet alive through Who Rescued Who? and my pet will keep killing things while swallowing all the damage for both of us. You can then take 150/50 radiation anointment on all your weapons (boosted by the aforementioned Old God) and you’ll be fine.

Here’s the exact skill allocation I’m running with:

I’m doing fine with a 3 shot Fade away build (Gunboy build, check Daquan and Ratore’s videos on YouTube, top quality).
As long as you chain action skills and you try to stand outside of a mob instead of in the center of it your pet will take a lot of aggro thanks to not my circus augment.
Reflux or even Brainstormer will be your best asset when you have at least two targets, otherwise a Robin’s call or a Monarch will do wonders, no need for anything else, damage will be Amara level, if not higher.

They are not fine their pets are horrible.

I’m pretty sure of some their health regen skills don’t work properly so whenever gbx decides to fix them Fl4k’s survivability will probably get better. For now I’d recommend getting a defensive shield like stop gap, transformer, or a last stand artifact to help you along the way.

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I don’t have a group of friends who play bl3 most my friends play rs6 siege or Apex

Still not very viable soloing the take downs. And my main point was the fact that compared with the other three vault hunters fl4k is out classed in damage, and /or survivability in mayhem 10 .
Mozie splash damage out classes
Zane has dummy thick survivability
And amara is the God of both she’s the Salvador of bl3

3 shot fade away is one of the strongest builds in tge game and more then viable for solo takedown if your not doing enough damage your weapons, skills or gear just suck.


That would be great if melee enemy’s actually dropped agro when going into fade away on xbox but that’s not the case enemy’s still retain you as a target so you never proc the bonus gun damage from hidden mechine
Also pets are too squishy when not invested in the blue skill tree knocking out the taunt mechanic entirely
But note the taunt mechanic is still bugged and doesn’t pull aggro of melee enemy’s

Honestly that kinda sucks. To me Borderlands has always been better with coop. I’d offer but I’m not on Xbox and it seems that you are.

Yeah I am but playing solo at mayhem 10 with all negative modefires is the most difficult thing In the game most people don’t want to play that way anyway

What modifiers? As Moze some of the more difficult are easier or sometimes just fun to change the game up a little.

Post mortem
Charred mode
Ticked off
More than okay boomer
Is the mayhem modefires I play with on fl4k

Not bad. I only try to get dazed and infused and lootsplosion. Any other is just what I end up with.

Lootsplosion is a great modefire for farming . Unfortunately I don’t play with it on so when people join my game they just nope out of there lol

fl4k can survive on their own even with their bugged regen skills- which do need fixing and can be a bit stronger- but enemies are bugged to do way more damage than theyre supposed rn to so it looks like fl4k is more glass than they actually are.

im using a rakk attack build and before patch i was NEVER going down this much.

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I know the feel I wish we had mayhem lv shields

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this an anecdote but sadly even with megashields on moze people say theyre still getting one shot by enemy splash. its more of a fault of the bugged enemies than the shields, but we definitely need shield nova scaling

Sometimes enemies don’t get aggro to my pet but works for me often then not

I always have friend bot on me to get my pet back with a kill. Good thing about solo you can stop in the middle and switch mods on the fly. Other then that IDK what to tell ya. I’ve soloed takedown m10 and other s have as well sucessfully with Fl4k. Hope you manage to accomplish it.