Can game speed controls please be add to Homeworld games?

Please add here game speed controls.

Hi, the games looks good, but it needs a really long time till units
reach the destination or you did buy the stuff you need to attack the
enemy. Homeworld: Cataclysm did have Options to change the game speed.
Well why isn’t this really helpful Option added to this game ?

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I second this

There is a option already coded in I believe, they just didn’t give us the controls to use it. When they were showing off a near finished build at one of the Pax East a year or two ago, you could see them using time compression so that they could show certain things about the game, without waiting forever. I’m actually surprised no modders have found this and enabled it. I’d hate to think they completely removed it out of the game before the launch. But if the devs read this, it would be really great to get that tool. I mean I love hw myself, I’m on of the cult followers, but man the single player game really drags on way to much when all your doing is capturing cap ships that are on the other side of the map. And it takes 45 mins for them to make the round trip.