Can gear box increase the player base in one move?

I don’t know exactly how any of this stuff works, but playing paragon and rocket league and seeing how they do well with pc players and console players playing on the same servers, showed how large the player base gets. I was wondering what exactly does it take to have such a system in place? If battle born had both console and pc players on the same servers together match times would be quicker not to mention a bigger player base.

M&K > controller. That’s the biggest issue, rather than any technical reasoning. In paragon (haven’t played rocket league) the game is third person view and aiming is rather slow and deliberate so m&k don’t have that great an advantage. In a fps however, m&k players would absolutely destroy controller players. Not to say that controller players are bad, or that there aren’t exceptions to the rule, but yeah… comparing the average player, they will have far superior aiming and movement of view speed with m&k

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If it’s one style of gameplay I would hate to share with PC players, it would be FPS’s. You think people can be good now, just wait until you see some of the real keyboard warriors join against console. Being an ex-PC player myself, aiming with mouse > stick all day long, it’s just super stupid precise. That said, as much as I would hate it, if it meant a better gaming experience for the group having the hardest time getting into matches…fine, I could deal.

i am aware of that but what other options does gearbox have to increase the player base. i play on console this weekend there is like a battler flash sale but other than that i don’t know.

The control-scheme, and even the technical aspects, are not the hurdle for cross-platform play. The major issue is bureaucracy and console-developer politics. That and maybe money. Hard to know if 2K would be willing to shell out the money to make the necessary changes to enable cross-platform play.

I mean, iirc MS has given permission for any devs to make their games cross-platform enabled, so there’s that, but I don’t see it happening for BB. Also, even though MS has said any developer can do cross-play, aside from Rocket League I can’t think of any game that isn’t somehow related to Microsoft Studios that has been announced or done so. (As for games like RL and Paragon: Sony is reportedly dragging their feet on making RL cross-platform for PS4, and Paragon is not available on XB1, so there are a lot less politics involved with that.)