Can gearbox give me a Halo Combat Evolved manual/instructions booklet

(Metric10) #1

I need a manual/instructions booklet inside my Halo Combat Evolved DVD case and I was wondering if gearbox can supply a new one.

(Avaricious Old Skeleton) #2

A wild troll appears…

(Is this thing on?) #3

Given how long ago that port was shipped, I’d be extremely surprised if Gearbox still had print copies lying around. That said, I’ve found copies of numerous Borderlands inserts as pdf files on the 2K site, so a little poking around might at least track down a digital copy.

Of course, if you’re referring to the XBox release, you’re on completely the wrong web site!

(Metric10) #4

I’m referring to the PC version.

(Is this thing on?) #5

Then as I said, your best bet would be to try and find a digital version. If you really want a print one, you can try asking Microsoft (the publisher), but you’re likely going to have to hit the auction sites.