Can gearbox support fix my missing skins/heads?

I have the Vita version and just purchased the Handsome collection. After a few save transfers between the two I noticed that several of my skins/heads were missing.

I also did not get my 75 golden loyalty keys…I know they can fix that…or I assume they can but my question is this;

one of my heads was the Krieg community day head Reach for the Skis. I heard after the last update that they work in the Vita version as well, I had it unlocked in the handsome collection, but when I transfered it to my Vita it was gone…then I noticed it was gone in my Handsome collection as well. Along with several other of the community day heads/skins (assasin and Gaige)

will gearbox support be able to fix this…these are rare drops and I really spend a damn lot of hours looking for them. I will be so very sad if they are gone forever. The keys I can live without, but that Krieg head took damn forever :frowning:

Usually heads and skins that come from shift codes yes, heads and skins that are farmed, no.

However I’m not sure with the Vita, have you put in a ticket?

Well at one point the community day skins/heads were given as shift rewards were they not?

I will be super sad if they can’t do anything about it. They really should put the community day stuff up as shift codes for those of us who did not own the ps3 game in 2013.

I only jumped on with the Vita release. And then again with the handsome collection.

I put in a ticket…but the way their initial response was worded made me concerned that the heads/skins might not get retrieved. Keys are easy to get, but just that one Krieg head only popped up for me after 40 hours of playing after the October update that put them in the game.