Can green weapons actually be superior to blue?

I know how many guys here love to memorize all the different gun parts and stuff, so my question is this:

given all the different gun parts that can make a gun, with different gun brands making guns better (or worse) could it be possible that a green ranked gun actually is superior to an equivalent but in blue rank??

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Depends on what you consider to be “equivalent”. If you mean same body, parts, and level but higher rarity, then I believe the blue would be better. If you take a simpler view and just compare green versus blue SMG at the same level, it’s possible that the green might surpass the blue in some stats. Whether that makes one better than the other depends on what stats you value and how it fits with your play style. You would not, however, have the situation you had in BL1 where some under-levelled green rarity weapon could actually out-perform a higher rarity at-level weapon of the same type.


If you compare Jakobs snipers, you’ll find that the blue ones have a very low rate of fire. Thus making the green ones a more appealing choice. I also seem to recall some blue guns having a smaller mag than some of their green relatives.


Look what I found:

I know they’re both green but now yeh more sure answer to my question can probably be yes

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I think a blue rarity Hand Cannon with the same parts would score better than the green Explicit Slapper. But this is why the parts system makes the game so interesting! Did you test-fire the two to compare actual performance? Some of those non-legendary Torgue pistols are pretty dope.


Prefix, barrel and grip all factor in damage, reload, fire rate, recoil, mag size and in some cases elemental chance/damage.

This is a quick reference chart I use:

However, what’s really at play here is the fact that those guns are two levels apart.


Yes. And, apart from reload speed (moderate penalty) the lower level one is actually better on card stats!


and the fact that both items are not the same. One is a slapper which is one of the better pistols “none-unique” from Torgue vs. a Cannon which tends to be more common from my personal experience. it’d be better to compare apples to apples rather than apples to oranges which is what this basically is. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Wasn’t aware of that items part version Jefe! Good one, will probably replace my old Imgur bookmark. I’ll have to look if they have one with Laser from TPS.


Yuppers, a Slapper has a matching Torgue barrel so its stats are gonna be boosted. It has the home team advantage so to speak. :slight_smile:


Statistically blue weapons are above green weapons in every way, but there is an exception : Jakobs Snipers.
There is no reason to use blue Jakobs Snipers over green ones because of that lousy bolt-action mechanic.


whatabout blue Jacobs snipers with those 180% crit stat boost? Love em

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You still deal more damage overall with an uncommon Muckamuck because of the higher fire rate.

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Once again that is a situational thing. I agree with that in most situation, notably at higher level but. when you’re leveling a character especially the first one for a new player. You’ll be better to pick up that blue Jakobs SR then to keep n under level green one and live with the slower fire rate. They still provide better one shot damage than their green counterparts.

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found this

OK I guess many would say Blue is superior, but I would have to say Green (Jacobs barrel right?). With just a slight boost to Fire Rate (even high level Badass boost would do), to me the damage bonus makes it the better gun.

Pure New Game level, the Blue might be better.

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I’d go blue on that one. Single shot damage is indeed lower but look at the fire rate, reload speed and mag size…

Edit: Base DPS (ignoring mag size and reload) is higher for the blue; factor in mag size and reload speed, and you’re putting out way more hurt faster with the Angry TMP. And, since this is UVHM we’re talking about, you aren’t really going to be one-shotting with those guns.

Stat Blue Green
Damage 32182 36262
FRate 9 6.8
Rounds 32 24
Reload time 1.7 2.9
Base DPS 289638.0 246581.6

Yep I’d go blue. Damage isn’t everything when it comes to some guns


True. But it would eat through ammo quicker also too


Not enough to make an impact on your reserves though.

Seriously, try that green one with it’s terrible reload speed and tell me you don’t want to chuck it off a cliff. Like VH said, mag size and reload make a huge difference to your ability to put out consistent damage.

Incidentally the reason the blue is so much better is the matching grip. Vladof grip on a Vladof gun : gives larger mag size and faster reload speed with pretty much every gun.

Otherwise they have two different barrels so they are different in that sense too.

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welp I found this

Don’t think anyone would say the blue is better

Think I can close the case guys :rofl:

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