Can Hyperius not be killed with 1 bullet?

Can Hyperius not be 1 shot after you get rid of his invincibility state? I know Joltz did it with the Bekah, but can you not kill Hyperius with one bullet, does it have to be multiple instances of damage? I say this cause I get him to the exact same health value every time.


dont watch this its not what he’s talking about. (totally not an edited response)

The only problem with that kill is the Betty deals damage to him first. I’m talking about only one damage instance total.

But nice to see you back around, long time no see. :slightly_smiling:

in that case IDK, i never tried one shotting him.

nice to be back. ive been scrolling through posts but i never felt like my input was needed. just waiting for BL3 at this point unless they release more unobtainables or DLC.

Do you know the Machine, Wet week and Ol’ Painful were released? And all 4 event shift weapons are world drops now, and the WW is dropped by the Swagman.

yes i am aware, but none of them really interest me. ol painful does nowhere near the damage of other good ARs, the wet week, while good, is not my fave because it is dahl. (i never liked dahl snipers). and the machine should be renamed the ammo machine (i spend more time there than killling enemies.

What’cha waiting for?

heartbreaker (one of my go-to’s from BL2) and fibber/ladyfist so i can break the game even more with nisha :smile:

Literally the same with me, I really only care about those 3.

Are you going to redo your E&E kill if they release the pistols?

[quote=“khimerakiller, post:9, topic:1225446, full:true”]
Literally the same with me, I really only care about those 3. [/quote]

the heartbreaker on both athena and nisha id going to be awesome. the stacking from 12 pellets at the 4.3 base FR, add in the crit and health and the possibilities are endless.

yeah. but im not going to take it too seriously. if you beat me by .00003 of a frame, so be it. im definitely going to shoot for 30 seconds though.

im also thinking about doing a “no crit swapping” kill, and the fists (or maybe ricochet fibber) are going to be great for that. also going to add the ricochet to my systems purge build because it would be really good for it.

come to think of it, the fibber (in all its variants) would be really good for athena stacking wise.

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Hopefully they make it a world drop so you can get it with the Oz return.

well yeah. of course. that luneshine is what makes my build work at all.

I know, I just felt like saying it out loud. :stuck_out_tongue:

its all good.

now, concerning the topics title, i assume you’re using a BotA, bee, chaotic evil monkzerker, and the whole “shoot a bullet, then manually swap to a ladyfist grog combo and gunzerk, but only after stacking all the damage you can with NKLO and other related skills” trick. maybe try using a longbow as your damage deliverer. high base damage and crit damage (not sure if that matters here) fire, and a slow moving projectile. if your using the element swap trick, perhaps try the hammerlock jakobs weapons. they also have insane base damage.

Nope :smiling_imp:

But you’re basically right on the rest, but I’d rather not share my secrets before I make a video.

Thanks for the advice, but I’ve tried everything. I’m really just waiting for someone that uses Cheat Engine to confirm my doubts.

just trying to help. can you at least tell me the character? i can only think of three that can accomplish this feat. sal, zero and gaige.

Its Sal, I said you got the Monkzerker right :stuck_out_tongue:

just asking, i know a strat for every character to cheese the sh!t out of this guy, so i was just curious. those were the only ones that came to mind for a one shot though. sadly i can be of no assistance due to the fact that i am on 360 and have no access to cheat engine.

Thanks for your help, see ya in TPS soon I hope.