Can I Ask A Serious Question About The Winter Update?

Ok, so I’ve been doing Some thinking, and I’ve found myself with a few questions regarding the upcoming Winter Update.

So, sure, we’re getting 45 more command ranks and 5 more character levels, but, without the addition of extra augments / mutations / taunts / skins (Unlockable by character leveling I mean) / titles / character specific gear / etc, what is the point?

Sure, you’ll see some bars filling up after matches again, but will they actually be accomplishing anything?

I mean, don’t get me wrong, im gonna get to 150 / 20 per character, but it doesn’t really feel like I’ll be very well rewarded for it.

Also, what are the full range of changes rolling out with the Winter Update?

New user interface
Meltdown finale
New artwork I think
Some character reworks
60 FPS
New loot system

Am I missing anything?

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I feel like the character level increase is arbitrary grinding for the sake of grinding.

It’s an illusion of progress with some new titles tacked on to lure in the obsessive types.

Unfortunately I’m one of those.

However a lot of people have been calling for something to ‘work toward’ so I suppose popular demand won out.

After I’d mastered everyone I finally felt like I could just kick back and play with freedom again lol.


You ARE getting new titles and lootpacks when leveling up your Command Ranks

You ARE getting Titles and Lootpacks for leveling up your character (2 new titles at 17 and 20 and faction packs every level).

Also there are like a few threads that have the info you’re asking for or links to the Source itself…


Aren’t there going to be new skins also? Those are probably gonna be dope.

…I just like filling bars. I really wish we could reset lore challenges like the badass challenges in borderlands.

Doesn’t do much but iiii like it!


A few things
Command Rank

  • You get titles. Who doesn’t love titles?
  • Loot packs. Yaaaaaay
  • Most importantly, what did you get for levels 41 to 105? Is it any different than loot packs and titles? Were those levels an arbitrary increase? If so, why didn’t people complain about those, before or now?
  • Additionally, what would you want here instead?
    Character Rank
  • Titles and loot packs. Read above
  • Except, you’d want mutations. While you could get some, it’d mess up balance. Do we really want that?
    – And would five levels that don’t give mutations be that different from the 9 that didn’t originally?

#We asked for it. Us, the community. I don’t think it’s fair to say they’re just arbitrarily increasing it and it’s bad when we begged for our exp to mean something


Great points, all, thanks.

I’m stoked about it, don’t get me wrong!


I like levelling up as a way to track time and progress, for me they’re fun little milestones. Skins, titles, etc. are definitely a great incentive and I like having them, but even without them I like leveling up.

I don’t understand people who complain about an increased level cap. Like, if you’re still playing regularly, you’ll just get them eventually anyway, and if you’re not, I don’t understand why it would bother you that other people are.


just this


I suspect there will be new titles (confirmed) and skins, maybe loot packs for getting characters to 20. I know they said at 17 you get something. i’m pretty sure it won’t be a mindless grind just for the sake of it. The only thing I know for sure they won’t add are extra mutations. Honestly some of the mutations seriously change characters and I don’t think they want to alienate new players. EX. Ambras lvl 3 Mutation seriosuly turns her into a threatning healer.

You’re obsessed with Melka! Nice image though. You use it quite often but it’s still great.

Rank increase is mostly about seeing a bar moving… The devs listened to the community.

Three times, and the last was October. I know because I need to get treated for excessive heart palpitations every time afterward.


How in the world could you forget Draft Mode?

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He didn’t watch the stream yet afaik

There is at least one new skin confirmed in the stream. Not sure if any more will come in the update itself but I imagine they will be dropping more for holidays/special occasions.

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She probably missed… Or it was a lucky shot.



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