Can I Ask Some Incursion Questions?

Ok, so, since it seems likely (sadly? I dunno, I really like Incursion) that Incursion will be the game mode I’ll be playing 80 percent or more of the time in Battleborn (since its do bloody hard to find Meltdown / Capture matches nowadays), I have a few questions.

Now, I am a very old hand at Incursion, all the maps, but lately it seems like things have been going disastrously wrong in many of my Incursion matches.

So, on a map by map basis, what do you all think are the key tasks that should be pursued in each map to achieve objectives / victory?

Here are my thoughts:


Capturing / controlling the middle Lightning turret area. This gives you access to both tunnels, both windows, 3 large crystals, 6 shard clusters, the double Thralls, and a Backdoor into the enemy base for those with proper jump / flight capability.

Organizing Thrall / Fatbot pushes.


Taking control of the central Lane and accelerators to get your troops across the map ASAP and to slow theirs down.

Shard and crystal control as they are limited on this map.

Controlling the healing station under the bridge in middle.

Controlling the double thrall room which provides easy access to both enemy sentries.

Organizing thrall / Fatbot pushes.



Sniper doors.

First sentry Backdoor.

Flanking the main lanes from the side passageways during lane pushes.

Thralls / Fatbots.

Any other tips / tactics?

Anything I’ve neglected to mention?

Any other thoughts?

Good team set ups for each map?

Cheers and thanks in advance!

On paper, that all seems accurate to me but…
Overgrowth: you need to constantly harass/clear sniper nests, watch for tunnel back door, a few characters on high ledges, aoe’s that go through walls.
Ledge climbers I can think of are Benedict and Isic.
Aoe through walls are kleeses rifts. I can’t think of another one right away.

Oh and Pendles. He needs a mention as on overgrowth he’s a jerk.

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you nailed the major points for each map. What it boils down to is if your team knows their roles after they’ve picked their character.

On Overgrowth, it’s easy for a range character/sniper to take out the shock turret, and to go cap thralls. Though it becomes a problem if you 1. don’t have a range character or 2. the range character(s) ignore thrall or turrets.

Same goes for Echelon. If the enemy team is pushing you back toward your sentry, and they build up the speed stations, a range character could sneak around the side to try and destroy it. That could at least slow the progression by the bots. What I like to do, and what should be a given (especially if using OM, deande, or pendles) is after the station is destroyed, you should quickly build it to level 2 so all surrounding enemies get slow debuffs. This can be extremely crucial and can provide a huge boost to your team when making a push. I find it Ideal to be done with OM as he can build it up and then lay a napalm grenade down (or rockets) to really cause a panic.

Monuments is just all over the place when it comes to knowing your role. The best thing to do here is to keep capturing the middle thrall. some people forget about them since they are out of sight. However once they are captured and leave the tunnel, they are right at the enemy sentry. If you can escort them successfully, the enemy might not have a good chance to stop them before they deal significant damage to the sentry.

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Great post, thanks.

Regarding your Monuments advice, oh yeah.

There have been many times where myself as Montana or Thorn have snuck to the middle (double) Thralls while the enemy was engaged completely pushing on our first (or second) Sentry, grabbed the Thralls, and let the Thralls provide a complete frontal distraction while I solo the Senrry!

Seems like you got a pretty good idea. I’m curious as to why you ARE losing all of a sudden though, if you used to win often. Usually, in close games anyway, a loss can be chalked up to one bad decision that the enemy capitalized on. So try to think back as to what that was. This decision can also be a catalyst for a snowballing of the enemy team. What seems like a sudden “man these guys are so good they are destroying us” is likely just the feeling from the momentum they got from your mistake as a team. As far as team comps go, I don’t think a certain team comp excels on any one map.

What’s more important is having a good mix of roles within your team comp itself, which means including a healer, healers are nearly mandatory. How that comp plays out is up to you guys. Similarly, it’s HOW you play your hero/against enemy hero(es) that will truly dictate the game. I’m talking about assessing character capabilities while simultaneously assessing the player’s skill and play style. Last night for example, I was playing with some friends and we got paired with a level 5 against a team full of 100s. Our level 5 proceeded to pick Miko. We did well til about 5 minutes in, at which point out Miko had maybe 75 health healed by then and their Ghalt started landing hooks. My buddy went on about how our team comp was terrible and that’s why we were losing. We had a Miko, S&A, marquis, rath, and either caldarius or Galilea, I can’t remember, it was like the first game we played yesterday. Anyway, my point is that our team comp was great. We just weren’t playing our characters well enough: Miko was trying to solo double thralls for a good 3-4 minutes, but he was new so it’s understandable, and my teammates overall didn’t give a ■■■■ about ghalts hook. If you aren’t paying attention to a good Ghalt, you might as well surrender. I seemed to be the only one that didn’t feel like getting pulled by him, and we suffered for it. So yeah, had we been actually giving a crap, we would’ve had the Miko heals we so desperately needed, and we would have been avoiding Ghalt more (he ended up going like 14-1).

This is already a lengthy post, so I’ll be short about the champs I think are good on certain maps:

Benedict and OM are amazing at backdooring on Monuments. They are able to keep getting to the backdoor ledge without being seen.

I still think Ghalt is a good pick for Overgrown though. The nature of the map makes it hard to NOT capitalize on hooks. Pendles is also great on Overgrowth, as I believe someone mentioned above. It’s a relatively quick map to traverse since it’s so flat. Also, if Pendles gets his dash at level 1, he can dash up the ledges that are out by double thralls. So in addition to sneaking past your team, he is also capable of completely avoiding them!

EDIT: I love talking Incursion strat :grin:

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Really all you need to do on overgrowth is control lightning turret that is the objective the first 10ms of the game.

For monuments you just have to control mid and double thrall. Ain’t ■■■■ they can do to de push you if doubles are coming out directly on the sentry.

Had a pendles lvl 3 back door the sentry with double thralls because the game literally never pinged or said the sentry was being attacked. It was quite the fluke.

When playing on Overgrowth if you have 2-3 carries you can usually split one from wave to tunnel and there really isn’t anything they can do about it. Even if they kill the guy usually they can’t even take center control back because of lightning and being camped so bad. The only bad part is you can die o the hard rng of tower blasts that can stay actively tracking on you back all the way to the entrance. Same with thumper so you’ll think you’re clear and come right into a pre fired thumper + tower blast.

It’s also just a good place to stick Ghalt fo easy picks.


why? because they are the only units that have the ability to take the sentry’s shield outside of double thralls in about 3-4 seconds. One of them is all it takes to screw you over. If you see them set up quick melee them to knock them back and stop it ASAP. You’ll notice because they set down and fire a white laser.