Can I Change My Forum @ Name?

I really wasn’t sure where to post this?

I would like to change my forum @ name from FlamesForAll to DavesForAll

Is such a thing possible?

Sorry if this is posted in the wrong section…

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yes, you can ask the mods.


Hope this isn’t too stupid of a question…

Maybe I’ll just tag Mr. Kindhelpfulgentlemanscholar himself @vaulthunter101

only the mods can do that. my name previously is nat06 i ask deputychuck to change it to nat_zero_six to match my psn and YT accounts.

@DeputyChuck help me out please kind sir? Change my Forum @ name from FlamesForAll to DavesForAll ?

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Chuck, whilst wonderful, isn’t a mod.

Let’s discuss this in a pm.

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