Can i change my hair character?

So i found my character but i’d like to change her hair colour, how can i do this?

I’m don’t know if you can or not, but I did notice that you can change colour palettes on the skins. There’s three pairs of colours you can adjust via the Quick Change station. I know in past games some skins have affected colours for the head as well, so it’s worth at least trying.


u can but you will need a new skin. i main amara and her blue tip when i first got her was ruining my asthetic lol

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So far I have found ONE skin that lets me change Amara’s hair color.

Most of them - her hair is grey.

A few - it’s dark.

So wanting a blonde look, I have ONE choice. Crappy design. B2 was MUCH better for skins/heads.

And just curious
-Any chance of Maliwan/Torgue and so on skins?
-Any chance of a few more heads/hairdos that aren’t just scarred/cross/furry/cosplay?