Can I complete challenges in another online player's game?

Is it possible to complete challenges is another online player’s game? I 've noticed that I’ve missed the chance to complete certain challenges because they required certain storyline missions to be active in order to complete them but I’ve completed the storyline missions… Which sucks for me!

Most of the Wikis suggest that you can. The catch is finding someone with those quests ipen that hasn’t already completed those challenges.

I defeated Terromorphous in another player’s game today, I got the PlayStation trophy for it but didn’t get the challenge for it which is why I ask. I guess I could always start a new game using the other account on my PlayStation and join it with my main character in multiplayer and do it that way… Maybe?

That particular challenge is only unlocked by the person dealing the killing blow. You can still complete it in someone else’s game, but you need to finish the beast.

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