Can I complete game... but come back to finish off other quests?

I am currently lvl 38 and I am doing the claptrap DLC which is lvl 37 I am fighting Shadow and its very hard and I keep dying… So I was wondering… I only have the main/final story mission for the pre-sequel left to do. But Is it possible to do the final mission (rank up etc) and after Ive completed the game… continue and come back to fight shadow as a higher level? So I might have more of a chance. Or once I complete the game is that it over and I cant continue?

Thank you for your time

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Yes, you can always come back and complete side quests at any time, even after finishing the main story.

I second that. In some cases, it could be better not to accept certain side mission until after completing the main story so that they level up to your level with appropriately leveled reward items as well (though this might not necessarily hel pyou in this particular case, but it will be useful to know in TVHM and UVHM).