Can i do Coop and solo play without anything being reset or ruined?

Hi all,

Im wondering if anyone can help me with this… ive been playing a co-op campaign with my girlfriend, were both currently level 36 and have beaten the story. However, i also want to start my own solo campaign. Am i able to do this from beginning to end without breaking our coop play or erasing it essentially? I dont want to start a solo story under my xbox microsoft acct if its going to ruin or i guess you could say reset our coop play. I appreciate all feedback!

Just start a different character from scratch. You should then be able to select either one from the main game menu (look for ‘Select character’ button prompt). If you want to start a solo run with the same character class, just rename your co-op one (via Quick Change station) to avoid confusion.


Thank you @VaultHunter101 ! I appreciate it. This may be a stupid question, but So do i just do start new game? Under my log in… on the coop we use my gurlfriends as the primary

Im gonna do a run with a different character. In the coop campaign im Moze, but im probably gonna try either Amara or Zane

Yes - New Game and then choose your character at the appropriate point. You’ll need to sit though all the story info stuff again, but otherwise you should be good. (You may want to pause as soon as possible and turn off the tutorials!)

And our local CoOP game wont get hindered in anyway?

She will kill me if it does :joy:

Shouldn’t be. Each character save is separate as far as progress is concerned (although the bank is shared across all your characters.)

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Alright cool… well i can dig that since im vip and got the super deluxe addition so i have quite a few legendaries in my weapon bank