Can I do Galilea's lore vs bots now?

Patch notes say
"Fixed an issue that prevented some challenges from incrementing correctly when playing against Bots"

And I’ve been able to finish my daily quests that required me to kill Battleborn with an ultimate :smiley:

Does anyone know if this means I can get Galilea’s lore challenge “Frienemies” in Bots Battle now?
(I don’t want to stress myself out trying to get a hit on Ambra only to find out it still doesn’t count)

Haven’t tried myself, but two of my friends confirmed to me that Whiskey’s, Alani’s and Galilea’s kill lores count now.

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OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG Thankyou for the swift response. AWESOME!

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Was a fluke, just checked the forum here when you posted. :wink:



Congrats, friendo!

I feel so bad for those who had to kill 25 Ambras back in the day in regular PVP…when Ambra was OP. Then she was nerfed and NOBODY used her so Galilea’s and Alani’s had to chase down every single Ambras they saw (since they were rare) and ignore everything else.

Good times.

Gali was one of the last ones I mastered so by the time I was working on her I only needed 5 Kills/assists on Ambra. Still was hard to find them…and even harder to kill them.

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I will admit I am guilty of Ambra-chasing as Alani in a Face-off match, we barely won so I had no fear of flamemail for doing mediocre :stuck_out_tongue:
But good to know lore challenges count with bots now.

They work.
Kelvin’s stun challenge does not though.
And I was stoked to finally get all the “kill X” ones done. Had a Bot Ambra hiding from me for half the match with one kill to go. I got SOO heated.

It took me 90 matches to get that lore. Then they changed it to make it easier. All the other lore seemed like a cakewalk after that.