Can I get some support to try and keep the old gbx site open

When I say keep it open I mean just for reference purposes.
I don’t know what is involved in doing this but surly the site could be locked or the threads locked so that nobody could post anything once the threads are locked.
I ask this because there is just so much information there, far too much to bring here and I’m only thinking of the Borderlands forums.
There’s also all the art work and story and lore so please @joekgbx please consider or reconsider just keeping it open just for a place of reference.

Linj to confirm the old place is staying open for reference purposes only.

They are keeping it around as a static HTML. No one can post but you can use as a reference.

Was that what you were asking?


This pretty much. Also you ninja’d me.

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Yay that’s exactly what I was asking for.

When I read it was being archived I thought it was a case of the last one out turns off the lights.

Personally always through that archiving ment that you can still access it but not modify it. I would be surprised if we can’t access the archive when they do that.

I don’t remember which topic I read it in, seeing as there’s about 20~30 of them, but either @joekgbx or @Jeffybug said it would still be view-able just not modifiable.

Yep! The old forums will made uneditable upon their closure. All the info will still be available for reference. There are other details we’re working out, but that’s the basics right now.


I say we burn it down like a viking funeral

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And you not I can be the sacrificial dog sitting at it’s heel :slight_smile:

@SuitableTrain8- love where your head’s at, dude.

Just had a thought, is this new site accessible to people who haven’t got a shift account, it would kind of put the mockers on some poor dude just browsing for some information.

I just checked on another browser I’m not logged into and you can browse everything

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Can you post to ask a question, say someone wants info on Home world, ACM or even BL1 can they create an account without having a shift account to ask a question.
I guess there may be a trust issue with that as well.

Not to my knowledge…

@joekgbx can you give more insight?

The new forums are based on SHiFT, but it shouldn’t be any different to create a SHiFT acct than on any other forum. In other words, it’s not like if you don’t have a SHiFT acct, you’re screwed. Does that make sense?

To clarify this, you definitely have to make an account to post on the forums. Not to read though, of course.

Then again, why would you NOT wanna join the forums?!

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Thanks for clarifying that @joekgbx this poor old sod does have limits as far as IT is concerned.

Edit. Why wouldn’t people want to join? Some people like to lurk in the shadows.

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I was originally a lurker…

BUT now I’m as pretty as a butterfly.


I was a lurk, Britain needed them at the time.

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And I was a lurk. But no more!

And the community being realy nice helps too!