Can I get someone to beat the final mission for me so I can get uvhm

I’m a label 43 and need someone to get me to uvhm. Ps4 pan is - zeriosyt

Not on PS so can’t help, but can’t help noticing that you want to complete TVHM at level 43… That is not only going to be very difficult, but it will make starting UVHM really hard. There are lots of side quests you can safely do to get closer to max level for the final run-through without missing out on any of the desirable gear at level 50.


Like @VaultHunter101 said , starting uvhm at that level would be pretty brutal.

One thing you could do is get the early parts of mission chains that have a good end item out of the way , ready for when everything scales to lvl50.
That way you’ll have a few pieces of decent gear to start ult mode with and it’ll level you up aswell.

The flame of the firehawk and clan wars quest chains are good examples.

I’ll be on at 11pm Est tonight. If you need a hand I’ll run you through the final mission. Add oPROFESSIONALo