Can I get tips to avoid freezing?

I don’t know what it is, but it’s ruining the guardian takedown when I host. I’ve been playing with modifiers, and am currently running speed demon, hearty avenger, laser flare, and invincibility drones.

I’m also playing as Zane with drone/clone.

Is it the modifiers? Weapon choices? Is Zane simply doomed to crash until we get a fix? What can I change, are there any settings that need to be fixed?

What gear/augments/skills are you running? Not on PC, but I had some nasty crashes with Zane while running a combo of items that all gave chaining effects. Toning that down by swapping some gear for different items got me past that. PC is a bit more VFX-tolerant than an original XB1 (!) but some combos do seem to push the graphics pipeline a lot harder than others on any system.

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I can prepare some screenshots later when I next jump on, won’t be too long

Gloves and a heavy coat? :wink:


^ that post killed me.

Yknow, there is a reason to coop freezings.
If steam loses connection for even a half of a second, Shift suffers a brain aneurism and cuts down the session. Freezing the game for a few seconds and returning with “lost connection to SHIFT servers” or something.

Now, in singleplayer, you can see this disconnection freeze your game for a moment and then come back as nothing happened. But in coop, i believe this small freeze can evolve into a full on crash because uh… Because shift i guess.

Other than that, freezes most often happen in mayhem mode to me. So i’ll point this out here for anyone having the same problems. Troubleshooting for common freeze:

  • Avoid mayhem modifiers involving laser particles. Attaching beams, laser spinners, and the like.
  • Try to keep down elemental damage modifiers. The more elkemental variables going on in a fight, the bigger the odds of crashing.
  • Lower specs, its sure to help. Plus you get those juicy FPS too.
  • Always test out other weapons if possible. Some weird weapon particle combinations can be the cause of it.

If none of that works out, come back to the forum and complain again.
Game is unestable as hell for a lot of people and it needs to be heard. Let’s see that damn SFX SETTINGS SLIDER, Gee Bee!


Okay, so
I set all my visual settings to low capped 60fps, have speed demon, heavy avenger, ticked off, and buddy system active. Using drone clone, drone is using sandhawk. I use cryo flipper or radiation light show, sometimes a third weapon (usually monarch or reflux).

It froze again during the first 3 crystal area of the GTD.

It keeps freezing at that point.
Currently updating my graphics driver, I’ll see if that helps.

For the record, my specs are (from what I can tell):
16gb RAM
GeForce GTX 1060 6GB
64-bit windows 10
Intel® Core i5-7400 @ 3.00GHZ

…okay, now two dark blue Revenants showed up in the first area of GDT and all the enemies were super tanky (more than normal).

Was there some kind of hotfix uploaded recently?

Last Thursday they buffed eridium drops and some weapons/ weapons classes. Don’t recall any changes to enemies or gameplay though.

Also, when you do the Benchmark test in advanced Video Settings how is it performing?

Might be a lack of hotfix?


Yeah, that explains the weapon nerfs. I looked it up later, and realised I was done for the night

Okay, so it seems that switching Drone augments from ‘Bad Dose’ and ‘Static Field’ to ‘Boomsday’ and ‘winter’s drone’ did the trick.

A shame, but I’ll have to stick with these until lasers are patched to be less graphics/CPU intensive.

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