Can I go above lvl 70?

Curious about lvling above 70. What do II have to do. I just hit lvl 70 UVHM and I’m at the part of the game where I’m supposed to shutdown the laser. I don’t understand what OP is either. Any help/info on these subjects would be halpful. BTW, I’ve been soloing Wilhelm.

Unfortunately, there are no OP levels in TPS, and lvl 70 is the max. There is the mutator arena in the Claptrap DLC though, which is sort of like a pseudo OP levelling mechanic for the arena only. It’s a good challenge. I’d recommend giving it a try.


As @LexAnarchy said, it’s the game’s cap. The reason it’s 70 instead of BL2’s 72 is because you start getting skill points two levels earlier.