Can I go above lvl 70?

(Pitgypsy) #1

Curious about lvling above 70. What do II have to do. I just hit lvl 70 UVHM and I’m at the part of the game where I’m supposed to shutdown the laser. I don’t understand what OP is either. Any help/info on these subjects would be halpful. BTW, I’ve been soloing Wilhelm.

(Science triumphs!) #2

Unfortunately, there are no OP levels in TPS, and lvl 70 is the max. There is the mutator arena in the Claptrap DLC though, which is sort of like a pseudo OP levelling mechanic for the arena only. It’s a good challenge. I’d recommend giving it a try.

(Is this thing on?) #3

As @LexAnarchy said, it’s the game’s cap. The reason it’s 70 instead of BL2’s 72 is because you start getting skill points two levels earlier.