Can I just say what a

Breath of fresh air it is not to have the bloody spam bots clustering up the place.

I’m going to miss reporting them in the old place when it closes.
My predicted txt automatically types

“Here Kitty Kitty”

As soon as I type a capital H

Same thing happens when I go to type

“Begone bot” with a capital B.

How do you guys report it/will you miss it and is it a thing of the past?


YES! that makes me laugh. I report about 2-6 spams every morning and she is always the one.

I was actually going to make a joke to try and make @Kitty_Jo smirk or laugh or something this am and she removed the topic before I sent the joke in


@Kitty_Jo: DO NOT I repeat do not “LIKE” that you ruined my morning!


Im going to miss that, @Bentu lol.

There is still time to get that joke in @Darth_Sekra! I expect to see it tomorrow morning. :smile_cat:

I liked it for the thought. Not because I ninjad your joke. I feel bad that I did lol

I figured as much that’s why I put lol under the post I was hoping you would understand I am not actually angry.

It’s all a facade I’m trying to maintain

God bless the trust level system.
(Might not be the only thing keeping them away but I still gonna give it the honor because Im pretty mutch the trust level dude :stuck_out_tongue: )

Its really nice to not have seen any* spam bots but Im gonna miss reporting bots,its so satisfaing see a thread you reported get kicked in the nuts by the mods.

*except PH totally legit bot

PH must have been busy yesterday (I think?) morning. Spam bots had taken over like a rash, was going to report but reckoned it would have been just another thing to click and open. He had enough on his hands all ready!

Was thinking about you though man. Must have been a real PIA.

Im partially to blame for that spam build up :confused: Been so sick I couldnt even bring myself to log in over there in the last 24 hours.

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Hope you’re feeling a bit better now.

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Nothing to fret over, unless you need something to fight against to get the blood pumping and start feeling better.
Then you should get really pi*sed off at all that spam, understand that we need YOU and you gotta come thump that spam like the forum is your personal whack a mole, THWACK!

Hope your feeling THWACKING fit soon Kitty (almost put a ‘man with turban’ emote here thinking it was some dude with a bandaged head wound, you know - get well soon - made me feel a bit racist, ignore this I’m brain farting again)

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